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We Can’t Forget About the Kids! Kid-Friendly Activities in Puerto Vallarta

We Can’t Forget About the Kids! Kid-Friendly Activities in Puerto Vallarta

If you are looking to buy Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta, take a look at the kid-friendly activities Puerto Vallarta has to offer! From playgrounds and waterparks to the botanical garden and Mismaloya Zoo, there is something here for kids of every age group!

Whether you are planning on retiring or relocating to Puerto Vallarta, chances are you have either children or grandchildren that will be moving with you or coming to visit. As any parent (or grandparent) knows, it is crucial to have some idea of kid-friendly activities in your area. Lucky for Puerto Vallarta residents, there are tons of fun and exciting places to take your little one(s), and the best part is – these options don’t break the bank!


  1. Playgrounds – playgrounds are an absolute staple in every childhood, and lucky for the parents of Puerto Vallarta, where there are tons of playgrounds for little ones. A favorite playground is located in the Food Park of the Hotel Zone, where they have set up a playground with padded flooring, two fun slides, a climbing wall, a swing-like apparatus and see-saws. This is a great playground that is centrally located, easy to get to, extremely safe, and ideal for children 2 and older. Perfect for Saturday mornings, and while the restaurants don’t open until 3pm, the park is open starting at 9am. Right across the street in La Isla, there is a great area for kids to play, featuring smaller rides and attractions. There is another playground located near the stadium in downtown Vallarta, particularly the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood. Ideal for children 5 and older, this playground offers higher slides, bigger equipment and minimal padding. Parks of this caliber exist all over Puerto Vallarta.


  1. Waterparks – who doesn’t love waterparks?! Fun for both the kids and parents, Puerto Vallarta has a couple of waterparks that provide endless fun under the sun for your little ones. Splash, located in Nuevo Vallarta is a great option with day rates starting at 100 MX (that’s $5 USD!). With various pools, a pirate ship, multiple slides, a lazy river, and even a kids zone perfect for toddlers, Splash has something for kids of every age! And for parents, a tiki bar! There is also Aquaventuras, located in Nuevo Vallarta, that is another great option with similar attractions.



  1. Beaches – Puerto Vallarta is known, among many other things, for its numerous and breath-taking beaches. What makes Puerto Vallarta’s beaches even more attractive is the fact that Puerto Vallarta’s water is not open ocean, but rather a bay, protecting swimmers from strong currents and rough waters, making it ideal for kids. Conchas Chinas is a fantastic beach for the youngsters, as little pools have been formed by rocks, creating the perfect play and swim areas – of course when accompanied by an adult. Beaches such as Las Animas have beach clubs that offer clients water trampolines and water jungle gyms, ideal for children 8 and up, or younger if accompanied by an adult. Other beach clubs along the coast, like a day pass at B Nayar in Bucerías, have little pools ideal for toddlers and parents looking to both kick back, relax, and enjoy a bite to eat while giving the kids some fun in the sun.


  1. Rivers – Puerto Vallarta is not only known for its incredible beaches but also the numerous rivers that run through the Sierra Madre mountains. Ideal during the rainy season, when there is water flowing through the rivers at a swimmable level, the rivers provide fresh water that is absolutely refreshing during hot summer days. River days are great and a staple of every child’s memory of growing up in Puerto Vallarta. Bring some snacks, some chairs, bug spray and sunscreen before heading up to one of Puerto Vallarta’s numerous rivers. El Eden in Mismaloya is a great river that even has a few attraction parks and restaurants centered around it. El Rio BBQ in the Liberamiento area is also a great alternative, a BBQ restaurant alongside a shallow River Cuale, making it ideal to bring the kids. They also have a few games like bean bag toss.


  1. Puerto Vallarta ZooPuerto Vallarta’s Zoo is a fantastic option for your little ones. Both a recreational and cultural reserve, your little ones will have fun petting (yes!!) and interacting with the animals of Zoologico de Vallarta in this incredible place where the wildlife and jungle of Puerto Vallarta come together as one for us all to see. Located in Mismaloya, Zoologico de Vallarta is only a short drive from the Romantic Zone and about 30 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta airport. A great way to spend the day and give the kids a new and exciting experience.


  1. Ludotecas – Loosely translating to play place, Ludotecas are absolutely abundant in Puerto Vallarta and offer kids fun play time, while giving parents a well-deserved break. A fantastic ludoteca is Tikitytok, located in Marina Vallarta, where kids can play in the ball pits, jump on a trampoline, and explore the padded tunnels of the ball pit structure. Supervised by trained employees, you can feel free to drop your child off to run errands, or to simply grab yourself a coffee. Another great ludoteca is Mockocity, located in Chai Restaurant in Fluvial. With games, slides, and plenty of areas to explore and play, Mockocity is a great option for both kids and parents alike! There is even a toy store for those looking to keep the fun going at home! Jumping Time is also an incredible option – a trampoline park located in the Galerías Shopping Mall, that also has a fully equipped arcade, perfect for kids 3+.


  1. Vallarta Botanical Garden – take the kids out to explore the beautiful Vallarta Botanical Gardens, located in Las Juntas y Los Veranos about 15 minutes south of Boca de Tomatlán. At 200 MX a person (children under 4 enter for free), this is an inexpensive option that offers hiking trails, plant nurseries, and an in-depth look at Mexico’s diverse plant species.


In Puerto Vallarta, there is simply no shortage of fun-filled activities for little ones, making it an even more attractive relocation destination. Rain or shine, there is always something to do with the little ones!