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Calling All Canadians: A Convo with Paco Shingadia, Canadian and Owner of Bites of India

Calling All Canadians: A Convo with Paco Shingadia, Canadian and Owner of Bites of India

While we’ve been talking recently about all of the resources Puerto Vallarta has and reasons Canadians should relocate to the paradise that is Puerto Vallarta, there is no better way to get our point across then to share the story of a Canadian who has done it themselves!

One of our Real Estate Professionals and A Canadian Herself, Donna Vickers interviews Pankaj Shingadia from Calgary, Alberta who moved down to Puerto Vallarta with the love of his life, and currently sells his locally-famous curry, also known as “Bites of India” to passersby at the farmers markets all around the Banderas Bay.

Pankaj, or Paco, as most people know him down here, was born in Zimbabwe, but moved to Calgary in 1978, where he would go on to spend the next 34 years of his life. After studying and working in Calgary for many years, as Paco said, one door closed for him in Calgary and another one opened in Puerto Vallarta. Paco and his wife, Griselda, who is originally from Mazatlán, Mexico have been living in Puerto Vallarta for about 13 years and are both absolutely in love with the tropical lifestyle only PV can offer.

Speaking more about “Bites of India”, the butter chicken is an absolute favorite of market-goers, and of course, our agent Donna Vickers. Paco’s butter chicken is born from a family recipe, and in fact, most of his dishes are. Though Paco’s recipes descend from his family, he was taught by two incredibly talented Indian chefs in Calgary. From beef curry, to Samosas (as Paco refers to as the Indian spring roll), to their incredible Naans that they also sell by the pack, there is no shortage of Indian food at Paco’s tent! They even have vegan options!

Paco offers his customers delivery options as well, due to Covid, which closed down the Marina Vallarta farmers market that were held every Thursday during what locals down here call “High Season”. For this reason, he opened up a delivery service, which has been doing very well. If interested in getting delicious Indian take out, contact Paco and Griselda!

Looking to relocate from Canada to Puerto Vallarta? As Paco tells us all, “it is POSSIBLE!”. He continues on to say that the culture will welcome you, the language will not be an issue, as Puerto Vallarta is very English-speaking friendly, and to simply “follow your dreams”.

Watch Donna’s conversation with Pankaj and his wife, Griselda to find out more about how you can relocate! Living in paradise doesn’t have to just be a dream, and Paco and Griselda are living proof of this.