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6 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home, Whether You’re Selling or Have Just Moved In!

6 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home, Whether You’re Selling or Have Just Moved In!

Though you might be totally in love with your home, I am sure there’s a space, or 2, that you’re looking to upgrade. Living in the same space for years without any upgrades may become boring, and you may be looking to switch things up. It’s a nice idea to spice up your place, whether it’s under a budget or a complete luxury home-upgrade.

In this blog I will cover 6 easy and inexpensive ideas on how you can upgrade the look of your home. Let’s take a look!

  1. Add New Colors


If you find the wall paints boring or outdated, consider adding new colors to the walls. You can also add stylish wallpapers to revitalize the look of a room. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to achieve a home upgrade, and one that completely changes the look and vibe of a given space.


New paint will change the brightness of the room, and ultimately your mood. And wallpapers will add interest and texture to any plain wall. People mostly use wallpapers in the living rooms as these attract the appreciation and attention of guests, and potential home buyers.


You can either use a plain wallpaper or a wallpaper that uses texture or fibres. Another way to add color to your home is by changing the pillows, rugs, lampshades, and other accessorizing decor. Neutral textures such as jute and linen are the main stars of the moment.


Let’s take a look at some colors that are currently trending….

  • Teal (a greyish green-blue) – cool tone
  • Bronze Hues with brown/grey undertones – warm tone Metallic Tones
  • Moss Green
  • Yellow & Grey are Pantones colors of the year
  • Grey is a wonderful and versatile neutral color. Yellow is an energetic and joyful color that is best used on accent walls, throw cushions and select focal furniture pieces.


  1. Reupholster Your Existing Furniture


When your furniture starts to get dingy, what’s the first thought that crosses your mind? Replacement, right? What if i tell you it’s an equally good idea to reupholster?


If your furniture has started to look dull and worn, instead of replacing it, reupholster it. You can use an updated fabric to bring the old furniture to life. Not only will it change the look of your old pieces of furniture, but it will also change the look and feel of the entire space.


If you have a pattern and fabric in mind, just go for it! And if you aren’t certain, you can always hire a professional to help. Keep in mind that neutrals work best for staging, when planning to sell.


  1. Consider Renewing the Entryway


Entryway redesigning is yet another interesting project to do when you are considering an upgrade. You can use a mirror to give a feeling of spaciousness. Or you can add some stylish hooks for coats and jackets.


Beyond this, you can also use baskets for shoes. A table to anchor the space as well as helping with a place to temporarily place a briefcase, handbag, cell phone, keys, etc.. You can also add a fabulous doormat or a practical bench to change the look. Whatever you do, keep in mind that the entrance is the first and last place that everyone who visits your home will stand in, and it therefore leaves the first and last impression.


Here are a few additional tips for some entryway magic for lasting impressions:


  • Lay down a rug
  • Add a light fixture
  • Use a narrow bench if short on space
  • Pillows for the bench
  • Mirrors to bounce light plus check hair & make-up
  • Add a plant (real or faux), splurge on a luxe planter
  • Basket with beach blanket
  • Baskets for shoes and seasonal storage
  • Wooden stool for tying shoe laces, plus it´s cute.
  • Open shelves for function & decor
  • Botanical or abstract art (or prints) in simple frames
  • Flowers or a classic orchid



  1. Remodel Your Kitchen


You can consider a classic luxe style where you can design your kitchen with a granite or marble countertop, porcelain floor tiles, pretty penny back splash tiles, and a color that matches the overall theme of the space. A great choice when preparing to sell your home. This is when classic neutrals are king.


Another thing that you can consider doing with your kitchen is installing spice racks and lazy Susan’s. This will help you keep your kitchen organized. Pull-out shelves are also an excellent option for cabinets. Always appreciated by prospective future buyers in the future.


Currently in kitchen designs we see the following trends:

  • 2 tone kitchens
  • Open shelving
  • Farm or Butler sinks
  • Natural wood elements
  • White Cabinets (but this is also a classic)
  • Slab marble, granite or Caesarstone waterfall countertop


So with these design directions in mind, it is always a good investment to upgrade your kitchen. Being mindful of what is trending in design directions, you are setting your property up to reap good return on your kitchen upgrade investment dollars.


  1. Upgrade Your Bathroom


For a bathroom upgrade, you can consider the modern style that incorporates etched glass, finely textured chrome, and tiles that give a contemporary feel. You can also go for the artisanal elements of beach or boho-chic style to give your bathroom a rustic-chic look.


If you are considering a new floor installation, you can add teak to your shower floor to give your bath area a spa-like look and feel. There is a zen design quality here that is sure to enhance any bathroom. Slate, natural stone or pretty penny tiles are also popular choices.


Other improvements that you could include would be new faucets, LED lights, robe hooks, new linens, towel racks, wall art, and more.


Currently in bathroom designs we see the following trends:

  • Luxurious master bathrooms
  • Spa elements & Relaxing Sanctuaries
  • Free Standing Tubs
  • Floating wall mount vanities
  • Mosaic & geometric shapes
  • Plumbing on display
  • Brass, pewter & bronze (patina rules)
  • Bold elements of stone, wood & concrete
  • Bright & bold for color
  • Pendant and focal lighting features
  • Penny Tiles
  • Smart toilets & self-cleaning technology


Once again, being mindful of what is trending in design directions, you are setting your property up to reap good return on your bathroom upgrade investments.


  1. Change the Entrance Door or Just the Paint


Depending on where you live and the age of your home, you might paint the door with fresh colors that will draw attention & create curb appeal. You can also consider repainting the trim at the same time. Or, possibly change the whole door!


Here are a few trends that we see at the moment:

  • Modern, artisanal & luxe hardware
  • Doors that pop
  • Wooden & natural elements
  • Stainless steel & metal
  • Oversized & custom design doors
  • Colors that are trending: Teal, Red, Slate Blue, Coral
  • Classics: Black, White, Grey, Brown, Red, Forest Green


Pro Tips:

Consider a cohesive upgrade for the lighting fixtures in the front door space.

WD40 for squeaky hinges


Some Other Home Upgrade/Remodelling Ideas…

  • Remodel your fireplace or add a new mantle
  • Create a small office space under the stairs – a place that often remains overlooked.
  • You can add beach-style glass tiles to the bathroom. It will give a chic & fresh look to space.
  • Change the curtains or window fixtures (color, texture).
  • You can add new lighting to change or refresh the ambiance of any room. Warm light bulbs add warmth to any room – splurge on the eco-smart light bulbs
  • You can also consider changing the switches or wall plates. You can also change the plates on your electrical outlets.
  • You can hang art on the walls. If you already have art hangings, try something different. For example, if you have classic oil paintings hanging on the wall, add art sculpture or unique collections to the walls.


Tips to Avoid Disruptions While Remodeling Your Home…

Though remodeling a home is easy, there are certain problems that might surface. In order to avoid these hitches, consider the following points carefully.


  • Hire professional and knowledgeable contractors. Look for online reviews or ask for a referral before you hire someone to redo your place.
  • Before you begin with your home upgrade project, make sure that you share all the specifics with the contractor. Last-minute changes will only cause delays & expense.
  • Make the project timeline clear with the contractor. Sometimes, unavoidable situations such as bad weather conditions, late shipment, or product shortages may result in delays. But it is a good idea to have a general idea of the timeline for the timely completion of your project.


In a Nutshell….

Home remodelling will help you build your dream home, or prepare your home for selling. But remodelling is not a small commitment, and it is important that you plan everything in advance before beginning with the project to upgrade your home.

One, this will help you relax, and two, it will help you manage your schedule better. It is always good to work with an experienced contractor so that you will not have to worry about the quality of work being delivered. Professionals generally will put their best efforts forward to make your vision a reality.

In a nutshell, home remodelling is a hectic task but at the same time, it is exciting to live in an upgraded space. What do you think?


Contributed by our Real Estate Professional, Diana Howson (