How Much do You Need to Buy Property in Puerto Vallarta?

Though you might know how much properties cost in your area, you probably don’t know how much properties in Puerto Vallarta go for. Let’s take a look at property costs in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit – prepare to be pleasantly surpised!

After flirting with the idea of relocation for years, you’ve decided it is time to start looking at the possibilities of skipping town and moving to paradise. Here at Coldwell Banker La Costa, we encourage relocation and buying property in paradise, because well, we know how spectacular life is here in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. When imagining relocation, you may wonder “How much does a nice house in Mexico cost?” or “How much is an apartment in Puerto Vallarta?”. Both very important questions to know the answers to when seriously considering buying a property, especially in a foreign country. At Coldwell Banker La Costa, it is not only our duty but also a pleasure to answer all of your questions related to Puerto Vallarta Real Estate, and of course, Puerto Vallarta living.

For starters, it is crucial to keep in mind that when you buy a property in Puerto Vallarta or Riviera Nayarit, you get more for your money than in a similar price point in the U.S. or Canada. Therefore your money goes much further and you are able to afford something that perhaps would have been out of reach in the United States or Canada.

When discussing price points of the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate market, it’s important to look at the desired size and location. Housing in Puerto Vallarta can range from inexpensive to expensive, and this all has to do with nothing more than the size and location. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find a reasonably priced beachfront home, for example. Perhaps it won’t be in Punta Mita or Conchas Chinas, but there are plenty of areas where you can buy a beachfront house if you’re on a tighter budget. Housing prices can range anywhere from 100,000 USD to over $10,000,000 USD, but again, this depends on the desired size, location, and amenities. For example, if you buy a beachfront home in the exclusive community of Punta Mita, you’re not just paying for your house, but you pay for the luxurious amenities that come with owning property inside the community gates, like access to the Jack Nicklaus golf courses and luxurious, exclusive, and numerous beach clubs. If you buy a beachfront home in La Cruz or Bucerías, you will find that these homes will be relatively inexpensive compared to the more exclusive areas. This goes for both condos and houses.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of beachfront homes that range from inexpensive to luxury properties:

  1. Unit 539 – This newly remodeled condominium is a great example of a beachfront property in the Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta. With 2bd/1ba, this 753 ft² property is priced at $189,000 USD. So although the size of the apartment is on the smaller side, this listing is all about location, and that view is one hard one to beat!
  2. Villas Banderas 2 – Located in Conchas Chinas, the Beverly Hills of Puerto Vallarta if you will, this 2614 ft² condominium is a gorgeous Mexican style 2bd/2ba in the Villas Banderas development. Complete with amenities such as an amazing pool with fountain, outdoor shower, beach access and full gym, this $599,000 USD condo offers high end brass fixtures, granite counter tops with an open style kitchen with and large outdoor spaces with breathtaking ocean views. The pricing we see here is based on location, size, and amenities.
  1. Son Reve – A Global Luxury property at its finest, Son Reve in the region of San Pancho is an estate sized 6bd/7ba beachfront villa with over 20,000 ft²! Inside the gates of the prestigious Las Olas community, this gated villa is home to an oversized swimming pool and beach access right from the backyard! Priced at $6,500,000 USD, this is an example of a luxury beachfront home, that offers both size, location, and incredible finishings.

Each of these properties come complete with their own personalities, and of course, prices. We see here three examples of the range in pricing from inexpensive to luxury properties. So, whether you find yourself on a tight or not so tight budget, there is the perfect home to be found for you!

There are of course plenty of houses and condos that are not beachfront properties, but yet are close to the beach and in what locals consider up and coming neighborhoods. Take Versalles, for example, a neighborhood in which we are seeing a lot of development, due to its proximity to well, everything. From Costco to popular restaurants like Cha and Barrio Bistro, Versalles has got in going on in terms of convenience and gastronomical experience. Developments like Venecia Palm Springs are popping up one after the other, offering affordable living for those who are looking to invest in property in Puerto Vallarta. You can also find houses and properties tucked into the Sierra Madre mountains, far from the action, but extremely affordable, like Casa Vena.

Regardless of if you are looking for a condominium or house to call your tropical oasis, know that there are properties and prices that fit every budget. You do not need much to buy your property in paradise, and far less than what you would need in the United States or Canada. At Coldwell Banker La Costa, we are here to not only find you your dream home, but to help you find something spectacular in your budget.

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