Let’s take a look at the Five Whys of buying Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta.

If you’ve been considering relocating to paradise, you probably have a few questions that need some answering. You may be wondering “why should we choose Mexico?”, or “why Puerto Vallarta?”, perhaps even “do I make the move now?”. Coldwell Banker La Costa is here to calm your nerves with a fun exercise called the Five Whys, in which we answer five questions that are sure to help you in your relocation thought process. If you are thinking of investing in or relocating to tropical Mexican paradise, read our Five Whys and see why it is THE time to invest in Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with Coldwell Banker La Costa.

Why Mexico?

Moving to Mexico is a no-brainer, and the reasons are endless. For starters, the people are welcoming, cost of living is low, and buying Real Estate is safe and easy. Not to mention, when you buy Real Estate in Mexico, you really get your money’s worth, plus some. What might be a multi-million-dollar property in the states would be significantly lower priced in Mexico but get this — beachfront and much larger. Mexico’s climate is generally warm, the gastronomic experiences are out of this world (!!) and of course, tequila is plentiful. Not to mention the breath-taking beaches that you often see on the cover of travel magazines that serve as world-class destinations. Excellent and significantly inexpensive health and medical care is another plus, and of course, we can’t forget the overall laidback lifestyle.

The increase in quality of life while seeing a decrease in the cost of living is a huge factor for folks who decide to relocate to Mexico. In fact, those who relocate report that their lifestyle has been greatly enhanced while their cost of living has significantly decreased. The US and Canadian dollar simply goes farther in Mexico, both in terms of lifestyle and Real Estate ventures. Talk about more bang for your buck!

And we can’t forget the United States! Mexico is extremely close to the United States and direct flights fly in and out daily, making Mexico an especially attractive relocation option for folks who may have friends or family in the United States or who will need to travel back and forth occasionally for work. Don’t worry, if you’re looking to relocate or retire, acquiring residency is straight-forward and easy.

Why Puerto Vallarta?

Who doesn’t love Puerto Vallarta?! Puerto Vallarta absolutely has it all. From the beaches and ocean of the Pacific to the jungle and freshwater rivers of the Sierra Madre mountains, there is nothing that Puerto Vallarta does not offer residents. The laid-back lifestyle and picturesque backdrop have attracted folks to Puerto Vallarta since day one, and this coastal city only continues to grow in popularity, as more and more people are relocating to this tropical paradise now more than ever before.

When we say paradise, we truly mean it. Where the jungle meets the sea, Puerto Vallarta has no end to the number of activities offered and has a gastronomic scene that has all the world-renowned foodies talking! The people are simply one of a kind, always welcoming, always friendly, making each and every being feel a sense of community, a sense of belonging. Crime seems non-existent here in paradise. Rich culture, beautiful views, unbeatable weather, and tons to explore, Puerto Vallarta is one of, if not the, happiest place on Earth.

Still not sure about Puerto Vallarta?! Why not see what our broker, Brock Squire, has to say!

Why Coldwell Banker La Costa?

When you’re looking to buy, sell, or rent property in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, there is absolutely no Real Estate agency like Coldwell Banker La Costa. Let’s take a quick look at how it all began and what this means for you.

Our broker, Brock Squire, first opened Brock Squire & Asociados in 1984, which would later become Coldwell Banker La Costa. Being in business for over 35 years means we know this area and Real Estate market like the backs of our hands. There is simply no situation or hurdle that we have not experienced and handled with grace, and our seasoned senior Real Estate Professionals are proof of this. With a team of 80+ trained Real Estate Professionals, an in-house legal team that walks clients through each step of the purchasing process, and our experience of 35+ years in the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate market, Coldwell Banker La Costa offers unparalleled service that simply no other Real Estate agency in the area can offer. And what’s more, we offer our buyers a full-service promise like no other.

Looking to sell? Don’t worry, we offer our sellers a full-service promise as well.

Why Coldwell Banker La Costa Real Estate Professionals?

Coldwell Banker La Costa Real Estate Professionals know this business like no one else in the area, and are continuously trained by our very own sales manager, Dean Robbins. Our Real Estate Professionals undergo the AMPI ethics course and MLS FLEX course, and attend other educational meetings offered by Coldwell Banker and other Real Estate organizations. These courses and training ensure that our Real Estate Professionals are not only up to speed in all aspects of the market, agency representation, and negotiation skills, but that they are the best in each of these departments.

Being that we have a team of 80+ Real Estate Professionals each with their own sphere of contacts and influence, you can rest assured that you will be seeing the best properties Puerto Vallarta has to offer in your given price range, and often, before they even hit the market. Our large circle of Real Estate Professionals means you have access not only to the best properties, but the best expertise the bay has to offer.

Why Now?

The Real Estate market in Puerto Vallarta is like never before, and there has simply never been a better time to invest in property in Puerto Vallarta. Homeowners who have purchased in the last couple of years have seen their property value double, if not more, as relocation rates skyrocket and Puerto Vallarta continues to grow in popularity and size. Listings are flying off the shelves, as eager folks looking to relocate and invest are buying property left and right. Puerto Vallarta Real Estate is simply on fire, and it is clear that now is the time to buy and invest, before property values reach new heights. For those looking to buy property now, you have not missed the boat and it is not too late to invest in your piece of paradise.

Let’s talk briefly about rentals and what this means for you. Rental potential in Puerto Vallarta for homeowners is incredible. As Puerto Vallarta continues to attract visitors from all around the world, there is a huge demand for rentals. From luxury beachfront rentals in Punta Mita to 1-bedroom condos in the Romantic Zone, year-round there are folks looking to rent a place for their stay. This means that when you buy, you can rent out your piece of paradise whenever you are out of town, seeing a major return on investment. Take a look at some popular rentals in Puerto Vallarta to see how they do it; Villa PadreCasa Bonnie-ta, and Villa Lucia are proof that renting out your home is easy and a great way to make some extra money! Condominium developments are being built one after the other, offering amazing pre-construction discounts, specifically Venecia Palm Springs, Oqueano, and Sunset Tower.

If you are thinking of relocating to Puerto Vallarta, now is the time. There is simply no reason not to take the leap into the life that is waiting for you in Puerto Vallarta. And when you do, our team of Real Estate Professionals at Coldwell Banker La Costa are here to help you find your perfect property in paradise. Want more information on our Five Whys? Contact us today!

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