Developments on the Rise: Why Invest in Puerto Vallarta’s Booming Pre-Construction Market

Pre-construction projects and condominium developments are sweeping Puerto Vallarta – and with good reason! Centrally located, incredible investment opportunities, discounts, financing, and some of the best views the Banderas Bay has to offer, make buying pre-construction one of the most attractive options in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate.

Puerto Vallarta is home to all types of properties; free-standing beachfront villas, homes overlooking Golf Courses, penthouse condominiums with views of the Banderas Bay, you name it. Over the last few years, Puerto Vallarta has undergone an incredible transformation, and we have seen a huge increase in the number of condominium buildings being built to supply this demand and wave of new residents. This change in the Puerto Vallarta skyline speaks volumes as to the trend of relocation and the incredible return on Real Estate investment people are discovering exists here. The growing interest in relocating to Puerto Vallarta has made for a big bang in the Real Estate market in this tropical paradise, and condominiums are the perfect investment for both Mexican nationals and those relocating from the United States and Canada. Pre-construction condominium projects, like Venecia Palm Springs or Sunset Tower, offer an unparalleled return on investment, prime location, optimal pricing and financing, as well as easy up-keep when completed. Whether you are looking to purchase a full-time or vacation home, pre-construction is the way to go!

Buying and investing in a pre-construction condominium means you get an incredible return on investment. By the time the keys are delivered, the property value of the condominium has increased 15% give or take, making for one of the biggest perks of buying pre-construction. Not only this, but you get to have first pick of all the units in the building, literally choosing your dream home. Not only does return on investment come via the increase in property value, but via rental potential as well. The rental market in Puerto Vallarta is extremely hot right now, as travelers are always looking for vacation rentals in popular or up and coming areas. This being said, rental capability is extremely high and condominiums make for the perfect rental, as they are affordable, close to the beach, convenience services, and centrally located. Whether you decide to rent out your condominium long-term or short term, the return on investment is incredible. And, lucky for you, Coldwell Banker La Costa has a property management division, making it that much easier! Looking to live full-time in your condominium? Property value and equity grows over time, and the 15% increase in property value at time of delivery is unbeatable.

Condominiums are going up in the best areas, and as we all know, location is everything. Some of these areas are “up and coming” like Versalles, while other areas like the Romantic Zone have been extremely popular for some time now. Pre-construction in the more in-land areas like Versalles have their perks, like their price and proximity to convenience services like Costco or La Comer supermarket. One of the best aspects of all developments that are currently being built is rooftop infinity pools, lounge areas, and of course 360° views of the Banderas Bay.

Financing options are abundant when it comes to purchasing your pre-construction condominium. Pre-sale discounts ensure that you invest in these growing areas before the price points skyrocket and offer incredible financing opportunities for those who need. Developments in the early stages of construction offer the best financing options, meanwhile developments that are close to delivery still offer financing opportunities. To give you an idea of these numbers, let’s look at the pricing of Venecia Palm Springs in Versalles, and Sunset Tower in 5 de Diciembre. As Venecia Palm Springs is in its final stages of construction and is set to deliver units in December 2021, financing options are not what they were in the beginning stages of construction. However, you can still receive a 6% discount when you put a 90% down payment, paying the remaining 10% at time of delivery. OR you can receive a 3% discount when you place a 50% down payment and pay the remaining 50% at time of delivery. There are only a few units remaining and they are selling fast! Venecia Palm Springs is one of the hottest projects in Versalles and these financing options are optimal considering the building is in the final stages of construction.

At Sunset Tower in 5 de Diciembre, construction is just getting started, meaning that the discounts and financing are absolutely incredible; if there has ever been a time to invest in pre-construction, it is now! The biggest discount Sunset Tower offers right now is 10%, with a 90% down payment and payment of the remaining 10% upon delivery. Other options await those who may not be able to pay the 90% down payment, but would prefer a 50% down payment. This second plan offers a 7% discount off the desired unit. The best way to truly optimize the financing available at Sunset Tower is to speak to one of our Real Estate Professionals.

Let’s face it, condominiums are much easier to up-keep then other property types, especially in Puerto Vallarta. Little maintenance means you will be spending less on ensuring your property stays in tip top shape. Whether you are renting your property out to travelers or residing in your condominium full-time after the delivery date, you can rest assured that you will be spending very little for upkeep on your home.

When looking to invest in Real Estate, it can be difficult to know exactly which kind of property will be the right investment for you. Pre-construction condominium projects offer buyers an unparalleled opportunity to invest in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate at an affordable cost. Real Estate prices will only continue to increase as Puerto Vallarta grows into the popular metropolis it is quickly becoming, and those who are investing now are ahead of the game. Be smart – invest in Puerto Vallarta, invest in pre-construction, invest with Coldwell Banker La Costa.

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