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Calling All Canadians! Why You Need Paradise Now

Calling All Canadians! Why You Need Paradise Now

COVID 19 had a profound effect on the quality of life on a global scale. An effect that had unimaginable repercussions on mental health, fueling a crisis still relevant today.

For the first time in perhaps our lifetime, we were unable to go outside, spend time with friends and neighbors, or explore our surroundings. No more date nights out, no more going to the movies with friends, no more hanging out at the mall. Our lives changed drastically, and with that change came mental and emotional despair and anguish. Depression and suicide rates hit an all-time high, not just globally, but specifically in Canada, where the lockdown has been considerably prolonged compared to other parts of the world. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 61% of those with pre-existing mental health disorders saw a decline in their mental health, while 60% of young adults aged 18-24 saw a deterioration in their mental health. These numbers are just a taste of how bad the mental health crisis is currently in Canada.

Not only have lockdowns been prolonged in Canada, but openings have been approved only to be shut down once again. With this lockdown and the back and forth openings and closings, comes desperation, anxiety, sadness, depression, and stir-craziness. And with this feeling of being trapped, or as they say here in Mexico, encerrado (enclosed), one starts to feel eager to get out, eager to travel, eager to explore, and eager to escape once the lockdown is over. Canadians are rightfully desperate to travel, if not relocate. And as we all know, the only place to come is Puerto Vallarta.

As the finish line nears, it is time to start thinking of where to plan your great escape to. Once you’ve inevitably decided that Puerto Vallarta is where you’ll be traveling to, or better, relocating to, it is important to understand why you need Puerto Vallarta, why you need paradise.

Moving to Puerto Vallarta frees your soul. As paradise envelops you, the stress of everyday life starts to fade away. The sadness and depression caused by COVID 19 starts to diminish until it completely disappears. The quality of life in Puerto Vallarta is absolutely unparalleled, and those who spent quarantine here had the luxury of escaping to the beach or rivers or mountains for fresh air. As traumatic as COVID 19 was, Puerto Vallarta’s healing nature is the only place to find peace, rest, and true relaxation. In light of the past year and a half of being in lockdown, paradise is crucial to reviving your happiness and lightheartedness. Moving to Puerto Vallarta, where COVID 19 rules and regulations are enforced and followed, you will maintain the same level of safety and precaution against the virus, however, you will not find yourself in extreme lockdown or jeopardizing your mental health. Do yourself and your sanity a favor and relocate to paradise, where trauma of the endless Canadian COVID 19 lockdowns will be a thing of the past.

It is clear that now is the time to relocate to paradise. Your mental state needs paradise. As Canadians grow tired of the seemingly never-ending lockdowns, it will be time to travel and really think about where you really see yourself living, regardless of the stage of life you are in. As we discussed in other articles, Puerto Vallarta offers Canadians an unbeatable quality of life, with activities and tropical lifestyle that never cease to amaze. Not only this, BUT Puerto Vallarta has a large population of ex-Canadians, who have relocated to Puerto Vallarta and never looked back, many of whom have started their own businesses. And as mentioned in a previous article we have shared, geared towards our Canadian audience, the Canadian Consulate is centrally based and offers Canadians any and all services they could ever need or want in Puerto Vallarta. Relocating has never been easier. Canadians need tropical bliss now more than ever. Call Mexico home, and never look back.