While Puerto Vallarta is currently boasting 26-degree weather in the middle of February, the same cannot be said for Canada. With a record-breaking winter, Canadians have had a rough go with the cold this season. And with COVID 19 still in full throttle, it has been a, let’s face it, depressing year.

The last thing we need is a gloomy and cold winter season. That is just one of the many perks of living in Puerto Vallarta, the warm weather and breath-taking atmosphere year-round makes it the ideal home and destination. Over the years, dozens of thousands of Canadians have relocated to Puerto Vallarta for this reason and many more. Canadians of all ages are proud to now call themselves Vallartans.

Population & Community

Puerto Vallarta is home to a large number of Canadians. This number continues to grow daily and has grown exponentially over the last decade, as the city of Puerto Vallarta continues to see tremendous change and growth. Needless to say, many Canadians have found their home in Puerto Vallarta, some for part of the year while others remain year-round.

The Canadian community is extremely active in Puerto Vallarta, with dozens of businesses and organizations owned and operated by Canadians. From restaurants and bars, to bookstores and coffee shops, the Canadian population has truly set up shop here in Puerto Vallarta. To name a few, Steve’s Sports Bar on Basilio Badillo, Captain Dons in El Centro and Blake’s Restaurant in Plaza Genovesa are Canadian run businesses that have been in the Puerto Vallarta community for years. Most Canadian run businesses have become staples of the Puerto Vallarta community. Take Coldwell Banker La Costa Realty for example.

Did you know that Coldwell Banker La Costa founder, Brock Squire, is Canadian?! When Brock moved down to Puerto Vallarta with his wife Bonnie in the 1980s from Vancouver, Puerto Vallarta was just transitioning from a small fishing town to a bustling destination city. Over the years, Brock has watched Puerto Vallarta blossom into what it is today. Not only has Brock watched, but he is a huge part of this change over the years. Brock Squire has been recognized as both a leader and innovator of the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta, founding member of the MLS Vallarta, 25 plus years Toys 4 Tots sponsor in PV, Becas Vallarta prime sponsor and past president of AMPI Puerto Vallarta, to name just a few. Brock also has helped in the expansion of luxury real estate both North and South of the bay. A Canadian who has made a huge name for himself and the real estate industry, Brock Squire is the founder and proud owner of Coldwell Banker La Costa realty.

Cost of Living

Living in Puerto Vallarta is not only good for the soul, but good for your wallet too. The cost of living is extremely low, making Puerto Vallarta even more inviting. What you may spend on a yearly basis living up North, you can expect to spend a half of that, if not a third, while living in Puerto Vallarta. For example, a week’s supply of groceries, if bought at both Costco or La Comer (Vallarta’s high-end supermarket), will cost somewhere between $1000 and 3000 MXN depending on your family size. This comes out to between $60 and $150 Canadian dollars a week for top-quality groceries. Restaurants? You can expect a fancy dinner out for two, wine and all, for about 100 Canadian Dollars. Unlike Cancún and Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta is inexpensive and offers an overall higher quality of living for much less.


Unlike Cancun, and other destinations that are close to the influence of the United States, Puerto Vallarta and the Banderas Bay are secluded and thus safe from outside influence. In all of its charm, Puerto Vallarta is heavy in cultural history that dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries. This history has created a rich culture and people, and on a daily basis you find yourself walking amongst locals as supposed to purely tourists, unlike other travel destinations in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is unique in both its heritage and lifestyle. This means you can expect to find taco stands that have been on the same block and fed the same people for over 30 years, you will find the same guy selling honey on the street day after day. These people are locals and have been lucky enough to call Vallarta home since birth. Puerto Vallarta’s history is unparalleled by any other tourist destination and its story is one of enchantment and intrigue. Just ask Engineer Guillermo Wulff, who first brought John Huston down to Vallarta to film his movie “Night of the Iguana.”


Sports are huge in Puerto Vallarta, especially the Canadian favorite, pickleball. Watersports, fishing, golf and tennis are a big part of the Puerto Vallarta lifestyle and are available year-round. There is simply no end to recreation in Puerto Vallarta; dozens of top quality golf courses in the Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit areas make way for this wildly popular leisure sport. With tennis courts in almost every condominium complex, pickleball has become quite popular. There is no place for recreation like Puerto Vallarta!


 There are plenty of Canadian Organizations down in Puerto Vallarta to get involved in. Take the Canadian Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation, for example. Founded in March 2007, by Canadian Anne-Marie, this organization helps disadvantaged children in the Banderas Bay. Providing basic care, education, shelter and medical needs for children and their families, CCSHF dedicates time and donations to the area’s most vulnerable group. To learn more and how to get involved, visit their website at: http://ccshf.ca/. There are also groups such as The International Friendship Club (IFC), which is a group of Canadians and Americans whose goal is to create bonds and friendships amongst the international and local communities alike. The IFC also funds projects and foundations such as Becas Vallarta and the Cleft Palate Program. With so many organizations to be a part of and explore, you will find there is never a dull moment as a Canadian living in Puerto Vallarta.


The healthcare system in Puerto Vallarta is one of the best in the country. A state sponsored healthcare is provided by IMSS, the country’s national health service. Good quality healthcare services are offered via private clinics in Puerto Vallarta. But local and privately-run out-patient clinics are ideal for more simplistic injuries such as sprains, fractures and other health matters that would normally be diagnosed and treated by a General Practitioner. Healthcare in Puerto Vallarta is extremely affordable and health insurance is very reasonable.

Those who have made the move to Vallarta, whether to retire, start a new chapter of their life, open a business, or raise a family, have not once looked back. They have found their home in paradise, and it’s time you do too! Vallarta is calling, why not answer?!

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