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At a Glance: 5 de Diciembre

At a Glance: 5 de Diciembre

A look at one of Puerto Vallarta’s most desirable neighborhoods – right in the heart of it all!

5 de Diciembre is a neighborhood categorized by incredible views, culture, and art. With the famous malecón at its forefront, and Playa Camarones as its main beach, 5 de Diciembre stretches from the Río Cuale northward to the Municipal Stadium. Like every neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta, 5 de Diciembre has a personality all of its own, one that has captured the hearts of thousands. 5 de Diciembre is the heart of downtown Vallarta, also known as El Centro, where visitors and locals alike flock to this centrally located action. 5 de Diciembre doesn’t just span a few blocks, it stretches from the beach all the way back into the mountainside, which is precisely why this neighborhood boasts some of the most impressive views in the bay.


5 de Diciembre was one of the very first areas in Puerto Vallarta to experience the boom brought about in the 1960s and 70s, due in part to the film, Night of the Iguana. It is one of those neighborhoods that despite its popularity, has not lost any of its original charm – cobblestone streets and hilly terrain are what you can expect to find, making it a favorite for those looking to walk the streets of old school Mexico.


From taco stands to high-end dining, 5 de Diciembre is simply an area that has it all, appealing to folks from every walk of life. This area is without a doubt one of the gastronomical hot-spots in Vallarta. Locals and tourists alike flock to places like Pepe’s Tacos, and Café de Artistes, staples in the Puerto Vallarta world of dining. And of course, you can’t forget Barracuda, everyone’s favorite beachfront restaurant and bar, or The Green Place, one of the most decadent vegan options in the area!


5 de Diciembre is also an area that caters to the art-world, with dozens of galleries open to the public. The genres of art are limitless, where something can be found for everyone. Whether you’re looking to do a gallery walk through 5 de Diciembre, get inspired to create some art of your own, or purchase the work of art from one of the featured artists, there is no shortage of galleries in 5 de Diciembre. And of course, the incredible street murals that add even more vibrant colors to this eccentric neighborhood.


As you may have guessed, Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta’s 5 de Diciembre neighborhood is in high demand – and as you can probably tell, it’s with good reason! Central location, incredible views, dozens of dining options, and proximity to the beach and Romantic Zone all make 5 de Diciembre an incredible desirable area. For those looking to purchase a property in 5 de Diciembre, there are plenty of incredible options, however pre-construction is one of the most favored ways to go, especially when it comes to Sunset Tower.


Sunset Tower, which is set to deliver units in October 2022, is one of the premiere pre-construction developments currently in progress in 5 de Diciembre. Sleek, luxurious design with unbeatable views and amenities sets Sunset Tower apart from the rest – not to mention location. A few blocks from the beach, this pre-construction opportunity is one of the most affordable options currently available in 5 de Diciembre. Amenities such as a rooftop infinity pool, gym, bose sound system in the common areas, sauna, and video surveillance, Sunset Tower is an investment opportunity you don’t want to miss. Buy now to maximize on the pre-construction discounts and pricing plans.


5 de Diciembre is one of Puerto Vallarta’s most cultured neighborhoods. From street murals to art galleries and restaurants that have been crowned Vallarta’s favorite amongst both locals and tourists, this area is the heartbeat of Puerto Vallarta. Pre-construction developments such as Sunset Tower provide affordable living options in this ever so popular neighborhood.