Calling All Canadians: Have You Heard of Bucerías or La Cruz?! It’s About Time You Do!

The thought of relocating to a new country can be intimidating, often enough to stop folks from turning the thought into action.

Some may fear they will never find a sense of home in their new community, won’t feel a part of the new culture, or will miss the nuances and comforts of home. But if you are Canadian and are thinking about moving to or investing in Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta, you are in luck! The area of Bucerias and La Cruz both have one thing in common – their ever so blossoming and active Canadian community. While the Puerto Vallarta area at large has a big Canadian community, these two neighborhoods take the cake. Let’s look at each one and see how the Canadian community lives and thrives in this tropical Mexican paradise.

Bucerias is 15 minutes north from the Puerto Vallarta airport, located in the state of Nayarit. Thousands of Canadians have relocated to Bucerias, calling this little piece of paradise home, and creating a sense of community that every Canadian can feel welcome in. Far from the hustle and bustle of Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias is full of small town Mexican charm but with all of the amenities that ex-pats love. Quiet, private, yet full of vibrant culture, Bucerias is a Canadian favorite. And lucky for those looking to relocate, as there is a new pre-construction opportunity that is absolutely taking Bucerias by storm; Oqeuano Condominiums is a project you don’t want to miss!

Trendy restaurants, beachfront restaurants, and classic taco stands describe the gastronomic layout of Bucerias, which many Canadians have found they don’t want to part with. A lot of restaurants and shops in the Bucerias area are Canadian owned. Take Sandrina’s for instance.

Originally from Winnipeg, Sandra Neumann and her husband Andrew had spent years traveling to Bucerias, before finally deciding to relocate full-time in 2001. It was then that they opened Sandrina’s a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant that often features Greek dishes, a cuisine that was unseen in the area before Sandra opened up shop! With a cozy courtyard and clientele both new and old, Sandrina’s is just one example of how the Canadian community is alive and well in Bucerias. And don’t forget Sandra’s son Paul, who opened up Chin-Gon Asian Flavors, a Chinese restaurant specializing in health-conscious eating and ingredients, right off the main road in Bucerias.

Another Canadian success story comes from Sheryl Novak and her husband, who relocated from Manitoba to Puerto Vallarta in 2009. They purchased a beachfront home in Bucerias, and soon after, opened the doors to their business, SOLutions, which is now the #1 choice by Canadians and Americans looking to furnish their homes in paradise.

La Cruz, which was once a small fishing village, is located about 5-10 minute north of Bucerías. La Cruz has retained its quaint Mexican atmosphere despite an ever-increasing expat community, while boasting a breathtaking beach and luxury marina. This town is ideal for folks looking to enjoy the nature and tranquility that Punta Mita offers, but at a much lower price. Home to the Sunday farmers market, this eco-conscious town is composed of both Mexicans and expats, many of whom are Canadian.

Let’s take a look at Pankaj Shingadia, Canadian and owner of Bites of India, who participates every Sunday in the La Cruz farmers market. Originally from Calgary, Paco, as he is known here in Puerto Vallarta, relocated to paradise in 2013 with this wife Griselda, who is originally from Mazatlán. Our Real Estate Professional, Donna Vickers (also Canadian), recently did an interview with Pankaj, looking to spread the word to folks back in Canada that moving to Puerto Vallarta is possible, and as Pankaj says, “the culture will welcome you!”.

The Canadian community could not be more alive in the Banderas Bay, especially in the Bucerias and La Cruz areas. These areas are both extremely unique and each have their distinct personalities. However, one thing rings true for both of them; the Canadian community absolutely thrives.

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