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Why Sell with Coldwell Banker La Costa – A Word from Our Agents

Why Sell with Coldwell Banker La Costa – A Word from Our Agents

Looking to sell your home? Take a look at what our Real Estate Professionals have to say!

Tune in to our Real Estate Professionals as they explain each and every crucial aspect of our Full Service Promise to sellers. Our carefully curated marketing plan along with our incredible and undeniable networks, ensure your property gets sold as soon as possible.

Over the past months, we have listed out the many ways in which Coldwell Banker La Costa works to get your property sold. Let’s take a brief look at all we have covered.

First, we started off with our Introduction to our Full Service Promise, in which we listed each aspect of our Full Service Promise to sellers. We gave a brief description of each aspect, before we jumped into the in-depth descriptions of all of them.

We then kicked off the in-depth look at our Full Service Promise by taking a look at our Media Services and what this means for you and your property. From print and online media and advertisements to staged photography and videography of your property, our media services are simply unparalleled in the area of Puerto Vallarta.

From there, we dove into our Coldwell Banker La Costa Website and Statistics and what these incredible numbers do in terms of selling your property. Here we discuss not only our platform that your property will be featured on, but also the Coldwell Banker Mexico website and International Coldwell Banker website. In addition, we also make sure your property goes onto our third party websites, such as Inmuebles24, LaMudi, and so much more. Read this informative article today!

After our website, we reminded you all of our Local Legacy and what impact this has on getting your property sold! As leaders in the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate game for over 30 years and our three Full-Service offices in Marina Vallarta, Olas Altas, and Punta Mita, we have really developed an undeniable reputation in the Banderas Bay (and beyond!). Which means huge things for your property.

Naturally, after we discussed our local legacy, we went on to discuss our International and National Legacy. The Coldwell Banker name goes a long way in Real Estate, and our International and National presence is unparalleled by other agencies in the Banderas Bay. With over 3100 offices in the US and around the world in 44 different countries, our network and international brand recognition, as well as our recognizable signage, really goes a long way in getting your property sold.

Lastly, we talked about our 70+ Real Estate Professionals and the astounding Resources Coldwell Banker La Costa offers, such as continual training for agents, monthly listing updates with your listing agent, and in-house legal assistance. With such a large team of Real Estate Professionals who each have their own circle of qualified clientele, you can ensure that your property is getting the attention it deserves. And as a seller, you can feel secure in knowing all of the resources Coldwell Banker La Costa offers both its agents and sellers.

For those looking to sell their property in paradise, selling with Coldwell Banker La Costa is a no brainer. Here, we execute a calculated marketing plan that has shown results time and time again. Watch our video, featuring a selected few from our team of Real Estate Professionals, and learn as they touch on each aspect of our Full Service Promise in a fun and engaging way.

Looking to sell your property?! Don’t wait a minute more! Sell with Coldwell Banker La Costa, where selling your property is our Full Service Promise.