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Puerto Vallarta vs. Cancun

Puerto Vallarta vs. Cancun

If you are seriously considering moving to Mexico, chances are you have wondered where exactly in Mexico you should move to.

You’ve heard that both Cancún and Puerto Vallarta are great options for folks looking for paradise. So naturally, the following questions have at one point or another crossed your mind: Is Puerto Vallarta or Cancún better? Is Puerto Vallarta safer than Cancún? Should I move to Puerto Vallarta or Cancún? The answers to these questions are necessary to answer before you can make your decision about where to look for property. And without having been to either Puerto Vallarta or Cancún, it can be difficult to tell which will fit your needs better, especially when it comes to purchasing your property in paradise. While both are fantastic locations each with their own personality, history, culture, and geography, there are numerous reasons why we here at Coldwell Banker La Costa are big fans of Puerto Vallarta Real Estate and think it is the optimal choice for tropical living.


While it is difficult to say if Puerto Vallarta or Cancún is better, as that answer is relatively subjective, it is important to point out some key geographical differences that may help you come to your own conclusion. While Cancún tends to be mostly marshland, Puerto Vallarta is where the high jungle meets the ocean. Big beautiful, lush mountains seem never-ending as the backdrop of Puerto Vallarta, and each beach has its own personality – different sand, different water, different rocks and layouts. There is so much diversity in the land of Puerto Vallarta, making it a place in which boredom doesn’t exist, no matter how long you’ve lived in the area. Though lacking in variety, Cancún, with its incredibly clear water and soft white sand, makes for a breath-taking landscape. Both Cancún and Puerto Vallarta offer similar outdoor activities, such as Golf, watersports, hikes, etc… but Puerto Vallarta’s diverse landscape allows for different hikes, Golf courses, and watersport backdrops that are unparalleled.


Another key question in the whole Puerto Vallarta vs Cancún conversation is which tropical destination is safer. When buying a home or deciding on where to relocate, safety can be a deal breaker, so its important to get the facts before deciding on any one location. While both Puerto Vallarta and Cancún are relatively safe due to their nature as tourist destinations, Puerto Vallarta does have less criminal activity than Cancún does. Over the last several years, Cancún has seen an increase in murder rates, making headlines all around Mexico and the United States. In light of this, government officials have taken big and important steps to improve the safety of both locals and visitors alike. Police presence has gotten heavier because of this. Puerto Vallarta, however, has really never had a history of heavy crime rates or criminal activity. Regardless, police presence is strong in Vallarta, ensuring the safety of all residents and visitors. This being said, though both Puerto Vallarta and Cancún both have strong police presence and relatively low rates of crime, Puerto Vallarta is known to be safer than Cancún.


At the end of the day, the question still remains: Should I move to Puerto Vallarta or Cancún? For us here at Coldwell Banker La Costa, the answer is simple. We eat, sleep, and breath Puerto Vallarta and wouldn’t have it any other way. There is a quality of life in Puerto Vallarta that simply cannot be matched. From our incredible gastronomy to our vivacious nightlife scene, convenient services, unbeatable hikes, absolutely breath-taking views (and properties), and incredibly low cost of living, Puerto Vallarta is the only place to be. Moving to Puerto Vallarta means way more for way less, and also means an art scene that is out of this world! Cancún of course has a lot of similar qualities that Puerto Vallarta does. Warm tropical weather, beautiful crystal-clear water, great convenience services, and it’s close proximity to the east coast of the United States also makes it an incredibly attractive candidate for relocation. However, due to its extremely high cost of living, and gastronomy experience that isn’t quite up to par with that of Puerto Vallarta, Cancún is probably best kept as a vacation destination as opposed to a place that is to be seriously considered for relocation.


To wrap up the timeless debate of Puerto Vallarta vs Cancún, both have undeniable qualities that each make them unique and incredible destinations that should be on everyone’s’ bucket lists. Your relocation process is unique to your own needs, desires and wishes. However, it is important to note the diverse topographical qualities of Puerto Vallarta, it’s ranking as one of the safest tourist destinations in Mexico, and its low cost of living and gastronomic experience that simply makes it a foodie’s paradise. Though Puerto Vallarta and Cancún are both gems we are lucky enough to have on planet Earth, one is best kept a vacation destination while the other is ideal for relocation and investment.