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Full Service Promise: See it in Action!

Full Service Promise: See it in Action!

As we wrap up our Full Service Promise Campaign, it feels imperative that we show our sellers the Full Service Promise in action! Randy and Montene Levine, who had listed their Marina Vallarta property with our Real Estate Professional, Nik Valcic, are here to tell you their story!

Over the last few months, we have given you an inside and in-depth look at our Full-Service Promise to sellers and what this means for you and your property. From our incredible media services to outstanding team of over 80 Real Estate Professionals, there are so many unparalleled reasons why Coldwell Banker La Costa is the only agency to sell your property with in the Banderas Bay. Our carefully calculated marketing plans along with our Coldwell Banker legacy has helped sell hundreds, if not thousands, of homes in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area since our beginning in 1984.


While we can write about our Full Service Promise to sellers all we want, there is simply nothing like seeing it in action – and hearing from happy clients. Join us as we hear Randy and Montene Levine’s testimonial and their experience with not only Coldwell Banker La Costa, but with our Full-Service Promise.


After working with 7 or 8 Real Estate agencies in the Banderas Bay, Randy and Montene were starting to lose hope that they would ever sell their home in Marina Vallarta. That was, until a friend recommended Nik Valcic, one of our Real Estate Professionals here at Coldwell Banker La Costa. Speaking incredibly highly of him, Randy and Montene decided to give him a try. From the second they met Nik, they were immediately impressed with his knowledge of the market, and they knew right then and there that he was the one.


Get this — Within two weeks of listing their property with Coldwell Banker La Costa, they got an offer! Shocked, Randy and Montene were overjoyed, not only with how fast they got an offer, but with how pleasant Nik was as a Real Estate Professional. Nik kept in touch with Randy and Montene daily, and was there with him through each and every step of the process, making the selling of their home as easy and effortless as possible for Randy and Montene.


During the closing of their home, Coldwell Banker La Costa provided the service of our In-House Attorney, Paulina Galindo-Ochoa. Like Nik, Paulina was extremely knowledgeable, leaving Randy and Montene very impressed, yet again. She made the process of the closing, which in some cases can get complicated with ensuring there is proper documentation, etc, as simple and painless as possible, giving them everything they needed right when they needed it.


Coldwell Banker La Costa delivered an extremely great experience for Randy and Montene. In their own words, “I will always use them!”. Our Real Estate Professional, Nik, even sent them a congratulatory present to their new home in Tampa, Florida, which was the cherry on top to an unforgettable experience with Coldwell Banker La Costa and our Full Service Promise.


Randy and Montene Levine are living proof that our Full Service Promise shows results time and time again. Our clients continue to use Coldwell Banker La Costa in their Real Estate endeavors, as they know exactly what services and professionalism to expect. As our Full Service Promise blog series comes to an end, we invite you to take a look at all of the articles we have written in which we detail the exact services we offer to our sellers. Looking to sell your property?! Get started today!


And hey….looking to buy a property?! Stay tuned, as we’ll be giving you an in-depth look at why and how Coldwell Banker La Costa offers an unparalleled buying experience.