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Full-Service Promise: Real Estate Professionals and Resources

Full-Service Promise: Real Estate Professionals and Resources

If you’ve been keeping up with our Full-Service Promise series, you’ve read our Introduction to our Full-Service Promise, which lists out all of the perks of selling your property with Coldwell Banker La Costa.

Last week, we talked about Coldwell Banker’s national and international legacy and what this means for you and your property! Next up, we will be discussing our incredible team of Real Estate Professionals here in Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit and the resources given to each and every one of our agents. Coldwell Banker La Costa has 71 (and counting) Full Time Professional Realtors, who each receive our Continual Agent Training Programs. Our agents offer their clients Monthly Listing-Agent Updates and In-House Legal Assistance, unique to the Coldwell Banker La Costa selling experience. Let’s take a deeper look at this crucial part of our Full-Service Promise and how our Real Estate Professionals and Resources get your property sold more efficiently and effortlessly than any other agency in the area.

Here at Coldwell Banker La Costa, our 71 (and counting) Full Time Professional Realtors are here to walk you through the selling process, from start to finish. In guiding you through this process, our agents ensure that you every need is met, and don’t rest until your property has been sold to a qualified buyer. Our Real Estate Professionals each have their own sphere of influence and circle of clients, any of whom may be looking for a property like yours! And with our 70+ real estate professionals, this means there are hundreds, if not thousands of already qualified buyers who may be your buyer!

Our agents are simply the best in the business, trained by our very own Sales Manager, Dean Robbins. Dean has over 40 years of experience and expertise in all things Real Estate. He truly knows the market like the back of his hand, and with his trainings, our Real Estate Professionals receive the highest quality of training that Puerto Vallarta has to offer. Coldwell Banker La Costa Real Estate Professionals go through continual agent training, which means they are always up to date with the current Real Estate market. Our monthly designated training, on top of the training that takes place at our weekly sales meetings, allows for our Real Estate Professionals to always be at the top of their game.

Your listing agent provides you with a monthly update on your listing, including social media statistics and market updates. These monthly updates allow you to stay up to date with everything that is going on with your listing, and to see how it is performing in the market. These monthly updates are crucial in your selling process, because as a seller, there’s no better feeling then knowing that your agency is working day and night to get your property sold.

We offer our sellers In-House Legal Assistance at each of our three Full-Service offices, answering any questions you or the prospective buyer may have, from A-Z. Our in-house legal assistance are qualified professionals, knowledgeable in every aspect of Real Estate law and help you and our agents navigate the back end of selling your property. They are involved in every step to make sure there is not one thing overlooked. This is an incredible resource, as it takes every possible weight off of your shoulder. At Coldwell Banker La Costa, we do the work for you, so you don’t have to!

Our Full-Service Promise is here to stay – because it works in getting your property sold as fast as possible. When you list with Coldwell Banker La Costa, you can feel confident that your property is getting the attention it deserves, and that you, the seller, are getting the attention you deserve. Our Real Estate Professionals and Resources are a crucial aspect of our Full-Service Promise, as it not only means your property will be seen by  qualified and affluent clients that our 70+ Real Estate Professionals have acquired over the years, but you will be given a play by play update every month on how your property is doing, and what we are doing to sell it! Our continuously trained agents and in-house legal assistance are incredible resources that Coldwell Banker La Costa prides itself on, among all of the other aspects of our Full-Service Promise. At Coldwell Banker La Costa, selling your property is our Full-Service Promise.

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