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Coldwell Banker Mexico Real Estate Seminar 2021

Coldwell Banker Mexico Real Estate Seminar 2021

Learn all about the 2021 ITAM Real Estate Seminar and what it means for our Real Estate Professionals. Puerto Vallarta Real Estate has never been easier to sell or acquire with our team of Real Estate Professionals.

Here at Coldwell Banker La Costa, we pride ourselves on having an unparalleled training operation for our Real Estate Professionals. All 75+ of our Real Estate Professionals undergo continual trainings year-round. But did you know that our Real Estate Professionals also are ITAM Certified?! ITAM, also known as Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology, is one of Mexico’s most prestigious institutions for higher learning. This means your Coldwell Banker La Costa Real Estate Professional has taken the relevant Real Estate Seminar and passed the rigorous course with flying colors.

The Real Estate Seminar seeks to provide a realistic and informed view of the transformation of the business derived from the changes in consumer trends, demographics and the new business dynamics we currently see happening in the Real Estate Market. Real Estate is being transformed faster by demographics than by the economy now more than ever. The crisis caused by the economic paralysis produced by COVID-19 has affected the quantity demanded and offered of some Real Estate products; however, the changes that Mexico and many Latin American countries will undergo in the coming years will drastically change the structure of the Real Estate market, making what we know today of the Real Estate market simply obsolete. Because of these drastic yet positive changes we continue to see in Real Estate, it is crucial now more than ever to have an acute understanding on operations and trends in today’s market. Having participated in ITAM’s Real Estate seminar, this undoubtably means that your Coldwell Banker La Costa Real Estate Professional is ahead of the curve, able to detect and most importantly understand and recognize market changes before they have even transpired.

The ITAM Real Estate Seminar sees to it that those certified will have a deeper understanding of:

  • Changes in the national Real Estate Market
  • Commercial and financial aspects of Real Estate
  • Crucial legal and fiscal aspects in Real Estate transactions
  • Vision of future Real Estate business perspectives

ITAM therefore develops the necessary skills in each Real Estate Professional to ensure their understanding is like no other. Here at Coldwell Banker La Costa in Puerto Vallarta, we are proud to have Real Estate Professionals who not only bring to the table unparalleled knowledge, able to effortlessly guide you through your Real Estate process, whether you are buying or selling your home.