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At a Glance: Versalles

At a Glance: Versalles

Let’s take a look at the neighborhood of Versalles, and see why it’s taking Puerto Vallarta by storm!

Versalles is like no other area in Puerto Vallarta or the Banderas Bay. Mostly known for its gastronomic experience and wide variety of cafes and restaurants, Versalles is also popular for its proximity to the finest convenience services Puerto Vallarta has to offer, not to mention its proximity to the beach. This alone makes Versalles one of the most desirable and attractive neighborhoods right now and condo sales have absolutely skyrocketed over the last couple of years. Pre-construction condominiums keep popping up, as Puerto Vallarta Real Estate starts to move more in-land. Versalles is, without a doubt, the up and coming neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta, and those who choose to invest now will be ahead of the curve!

Convenience services are unparalleled in Versalles. For starters, Costco and La Comer are right around the corner, two of the biggest grocery stores in the area. Versalles is also centrally located, only a 5-minute drive to the famous Malecón or 5-minute drive to the Marina. Proximity to the beach and other Puerto Vallarta hotspots makes this neighborhood an absolute gem, and of course, not to mention the proximity of having Costco and La Comer a few feet away. Versalles is convenience at its finest, allowing residents and visitors alike to enjoy all of the perks of Puerto Vallarta living, for less!

With some of the finest gastronomic experiences in the Banderas Bay, Versalles is THE place to be. From boozy brunch options perfect for a girls Sunday out, to romantic dinner dates at quality and high-end restaurants, Versalles simply has it all! In the early part of the 2010 decade, Versalles was a strictly residential area, and restaurants/cafés were unheard of. Sure, you had taco stands and the staple Oxxo and Kiosko convenience options, but gastronomy options were much more scarce. That all changed in 2015, when Memo Wulff decided to open up Barrio Bistro, putting Versalles on the map in terms of gastronomic hot-spots. After Barrio Bistro opened and became a huge hit, chefs began to see the potential of Versalles and restaurants starting popping up left and right. Greek restaurants like Mykonos, cozy cafes like Miscelenea, decadent breakfast spots like Cha, and seafood joints like Abulon are just a few of the delicious options Versalles has to offer foodies.

Chefs were not the only ones to pick up on the potential of Versalles. Developers also quickly caught onto the Versalles trend, prompting condominium plans and projects to be built. Pre-construction developments are being built one after the other in Versalles, quickly revamping the residential image of the neighborhood of Versalles. What were once run-down, outdated homes, are now luxurious condominiums with modern design. If there was ever a place and time to invest in, it would be Versalles and NOW, as prices are still inexpensive and property values will surely increase over time. Almost completed condominium projects, such as Venecia Palm Springs, are the future of Versalles. Rooftop pools, terraces, 24/7 security, minimalistic luxury design, and 360° views of the Banderas Bay are the housing trend of Versalles as condominiums continue to skyrocket. Venecia is one project you don’t want to miss, and inventory is almost sold out!

Despite all of the changes that we see Versalles undergoing, the neighborhood has not lost its original charm that once drew folks in. In fact, it has more character now than ever, and people are starting to take interest in Versalles, not only as a neighborhood to go grab a bite to eat in, but rather a neighborhood to call home.