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5 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time to Visit Puerto Vallarta

5 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time to Visit Puerto Vallarta

There’s never a time you won’t fall in love with Puerto Vallarta but it’s even easier in the fall when everything everyone loves about Puerto Vallarta is waiting for you. And you won’t have to wait for anything.


Experienced travelers know the time to go is when everyone else isn’t. That’s when hotel prices drop, restaurants jazz up their promotional offerings and hotel operators want to fill their rooms so they reduce their prices. Often as much as 40%. Up and down the famous Malecon, 2 X 1 Margaritas compete with 3 X 1 Mojito’s. You’ll have a blast picking and choosing from all these fun-filled and delicious offerings. Save room for the Cake Lady, a slice of heaven in paradise.


Fall sparkles in Puerto Vallarta with sun-filled days and star-filled nights. The humidity of the summer months has faded along with the late day showers so everything is picture perfect. There are few destinations on earth that offer the consistently and reliably perfect weather that Puerto Vallarta does. A cloud in the blue sky makes news in the local press.


The Pacific is body temperature warm right now after the summer’s heat. But a little warning, if you stick your foot in, you won’t want to come back out. Grab a paddleboard, a boogie board or a surfboard or a tube for two and hit the waves. The ocean here in Puerto Vallarta is great year round but nothing like now when it’s warm and wet and wonderful.


Summer vacations are over. Christmas Holidays aren’t here, so most people stay closer to home. That’s exactly why you should be here with us. You won’t have trouble finding a chaise under the beautiful sun or in the shade of a palm. You won’t have to listen to your neighbor on the beach or in the pool. Even our superb 5 star eateries will find you a table. And any of our exciting tours will have room for you. Life is always easy here, but in the fall, it’s even easier.


Fall in Puerto Vallarta is a festival of festivals. The local Mexicans take their celebrating seriously and do it big and fun and fabulous.

  • Dia de Muertos (day of the dead) Puerto Vallarta goes from late October to November 2 and it’s alive with fun. It’s the day Mexican people believe they can communicate and visit with their dearly departed relatives and friends.  People paint their faces to look like sugar skulls and march around to see who did it best. There’s dancing in the streets, delicious food and treats to eat and a wild parade that goes to the 5 de Diciembre Cemetery to greet their departed souls.
  • Dia de Muertos Sayulita. The charming village of Sayulita, a few miles north of Puerto Vallarta has their own wonderful celebration on November 1 and 2. The village has a colorful vibe and the festival shows it with its streets teeming with color and flowers everywhere. The air is filled with the spice of the sea and the perfume of blossoms. A long tradition, the Night March goes from the town center square to the village cemetery.
  • San Pancho Patron Saint Festival. The real deal if you are seeking an authentic cultural event. This 9 day event honors Saint Francis of Assisi and runs from 9/25-10/4. It’s filled with food, music, festivities, an authentic rodeo, a boisterous parade and tradition, tradition, tradition.

Don’t miss the best time of the year in one of the best places on earth. You’ll love every minute of Fall here in Puerto  Vallarta.