Why Invest in Commercial Property in Puerto Vallarta, NOW!

Let’s take a look at an often overlooked aspect of the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate market – Commercial Properties!

Commercial property is a category often overlooked in the Real Estate market, especially in Puerto Vallarta. Commercial properties offer incredible investment opportunities for buyers and is a huge aspect of the market that is often pushed to the side, though shouldn’t be. In Puerto Vallarta, there are hundreds of commercial opportunities that are sure to result in an unbelievable return on investment. Commercial properties can consist of hotels, B & Bs, industrial warehouses, multi-residential buildings, retail centers, you name it! This somewhat neglected area in the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate market means great things for potential buyers. For starters, you can expect fewer buyers competing against you, there are generally much higher capitalization rates available, and if you are looking to rent out the commercial property you have bought, you can rest assured you will find secure tenants. All in all, commercial properties in Puerto Vallarta are overlooked, though they offer some of the greatest investment opportunities in the area. There has simply never been a better time to invest in commercial property, as both the luxury and non-luxury property market soars to new heights, bringing in thousands of new homeowners and residents to the Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta.

Whether you are looking to start a business venture of your own, or are looking to rent out your commercial property, you will have the luxury of fewer buyers competing against you, meaning whatever commercial property you have your eyes on can easily become yours! Unlike the housing market, the commercial market still doesn’t have the same amount of competition, as it’s still a rather untouched aspect of the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate market. This however will definitely be changing in the next few years, so take advantage of the present moment and find your perfect commercial property without having to worry about other buyers who may have their eyes on the same exact listing.

High capitalization rates mean big things for your commercial Real Estate investment, in particular, your return on investment. Whether you are looking to take over a hotel, or rent out a storefront property or apartments, commercial opportunities are vast and one of the smartest ways to start investing in Puerto Vallarta. Take advantage of the incredible commercial properties on the current market and don’t lose out on your opportunity to see a huge return on your investment with high capitalization rates.

If your plan is to purchase a commercial property and rent it out, you are in luck! There is simply no shortage of the amount of folks looking to rent. This means you will always have business and always will be receiving a return on your investment.

What kind of commercial properties exist in the marketplace, you might be wondering? Don’t worry, Coldwell Banker La Costa has tons of exciting commercial properties for sale in the most popular areas of town that will surely have you thinking twice! Hotel Vogue, for example is an incredible commercial property in the ever so desirable beach-town of Sayulita. This boutique hotel is a mere 2 blocks from the beach and has an impressive rental history. Priced at $2,700,000 USD, this property is a steal that will be an extremely easy return on investment. Edificio Juarez is another great commercial opportunity right on one of the main avenues in downtown Vallarta. A block from the famous malecón, this commercial property comes equipped with a storefront unit on the ground floor and apartments on the floors above. Priced at $1,325,000 USD, this is an exceptional deal! We have so many more commercial properties in our inventory that are worth a look.

Commercial property is a great way to invest in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate with a surefire easy return on investment. As property values increase drastically due to the increasing popularity of Puerto Vallarta and relocation, commercial properties have still not yet seen this increase in pricing, but they will, and soon. For those looking to invest in Puerto Vallarta commercial Real Estate, now is the time. And those who invest now can rest assured that they will be ahead of the curve!

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