Join our Real Estate Professional, Luis Sanchez, as he takes on a tour of this INCREDIBLE property in the South Shore region of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Villa Armonia is a sight to be seen, so tune in!

This Global Luxury property is listed at $8,100,000 USD and has a whopping 9 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. Perfect for renting out as a vacation rental, for retreats, or to of course have as your own private residence year-round. Villa Armonia displays gorgeous resort style, expansive, and open terraces & patio spaces. Take your yoga mat to the Zen Garden, where you’ll be surrounded by nothing but tranquility and both the mountain and ocean air. Breathtaking manmade rivers and waterfalls are abundant throughout the estate and make both guests and residents alike feel as though they are simply dreaming. Savour every moment lounging in the huge stylish custom pools or the meditational spa jacuzzi. For those looking to host corporate retreats and cater to clientele of all kinds, corporate level entertainment and presentation spaces extend throughout the grounds and are brilliantly conceived, both indoor and outdoor.

To be put simply, Villa Armonia is a force to be reckoned with in the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate market. Out of all the inventory currently active, there is no property quite like Villa Armonia. Luxury homes like this don’t come around often, and when they do, there is only thing to do….invest! To our viewers tuning in from the United States, we ask you to image what this property would be worth in Miami, Florida. Well into 20 millions USD. A property like Villa Armonia truly must be seen in person to appreciate all of the finishings, views, and amenities. Seriously, this is one property to put on your bucket list.

But what is the surrounding area like, you might ask? They often say it’s not the house you’re buying, but rather the neighborhood. And well, like Villa Armonia, Boca de Tomatlán doesn’t disappoint.

Where the fresh water and saltwater meet, Boca de Tomatlán is simply the hub of the South Shore region of Puerto Vallarta, and offers a unique setting nowhere else in the bay can. It is located about a 20 minute drive south of Puerto Vallarta’s famous Romantic Zone, and where hundreds of folks travel to daily to go explore the beaches further south. Looking to take a water taxi, aka panga, to Las Animas, Yelapa or any of the other delicious only-accessible-by-boat beaches? You can catch one in Boca. Looking to go spend the day lounging and indulging at Casitas Maraika? Feel free to hike from Boca, or of course, hop on a panga. Boca has a vibe of its own as well, with multiple beachfront restaurants, where you can find nothing but the freshest seafood the bay has to offer. There are also multiple storefronts and vendors, equipped with whatever you may need for your beach day in the South Shore.

For those looking to invest in property in the South Shore, Villa Armonia is surely one that will generate income. Not only will its property value inevitably increase over time, but if you’re looking to rent out this villa during what locals consider high season, you will find that this property has an impressive record of renting out like no tomorrow. It’s location, views, and incredible amenities have folks coming back time and time again. So, if you’re looking to invest in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate in a big way, this is truly IT!

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Villa Armonia, Boca de Tomatlan | $9,000,000 USD
7Bd/13Ba | 27,309 sq.ft. |

For more information or to contact Luis: | (777) 267 7989

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