It may sound like a dichotomy but really it’s not. No more than the fact that chili is hot and what’s hot in the market is cool and if someone tells you something is “killer,” it usually means it’s one of the best things ever. So whoever said, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too, obviously hasn’t been to Puerto Vallarta and met the Cake Lady on the famous seaside Malecon.

Simply put, life in Puerto Vallarta’s luxury real estate can mean you can get away from it all and still be instantly in touch with everything you need. Your family, your business interests, your communications with the world. Or not. Here in PV the choice is totally yours.

My internet service offers me more than 20 MB’s so it is fast. I can download a movie, check on the DOW, the Peso vs the USD, now inching up on 20. I can do video calls via Messenger and Facebook, do Facetime on my phone. Argue about politics with my longtime friends back in the States and check in with the sweet faces of Charlie and Harrison, my 2 grandchildren, as an antidote, anytime I want.

I can conduct my business from my terrace or on the beach and discuss strategy with my work partner who just moved to Finland and tease her about the weather here while she’s wrapped under a blanket and sitting by the fire. For me, that is like getting a free ticket on the express train to joy. It opens the world up and creates a world of opportunities for all of us with an adventurous soul, a longing for peace and happiness and a desire to live the life that dreams are made of, which I am sure, we all have worked hard enough to enjoy. That my dear amigos is libertat, freedom. Freedom to enjoy. It is so easy to live here and enjoy here, why would you not?

I spent my life in the “Mad Man world of Madison Avenue, spinning dreams for others and now I am living the double dream I created for myself as a published novelist living in the tropics.Yes, shameless plug, my thriller is on Amazon. And truth be told I couldn’t have written a better dream for myself.

My longtime friend has come for a visit and since he, unlike me, is a man of few words, he just keeps saying, “Impressive, impressive,” all day long. I have seen the look in his eye when he looks at me now, nice and tan and fit and happy. “Man,” he said, “you really did it didn’t you?” To which I replied, “so can you.” Now my only problem will be getting him to leave he likes it here so much.

In my own little way, without pushing it hard, I opened his eyes to the astounding fact that when you take your life is in your own hands, you can have just what you want, just the way you want it. PV is such a happy dream come true for me, I actually have to pinch myself some time to be sure I’m awake.

As I’ve grown older and hopefully wiser I have defined and refined my goals. If I have 10 years or 2 years I have dedicated myself to my own personal joy. To keep growing and exploring. To expanding my horizons and pushing myself to find more.  Lots of people I have encountered have grown grim with the years, looking back not forward. What a waste of precious time.

Me, I’ve grown happier, calmer, more joyful and spontaneous and being here in paradise, while still on earth, has made that happen. My heart has been filled by the beautiful people here and how welcoming they are. They have reminded me I’m not at the end, but at the beginning of a great adventure, despite my gray hair. The ease with which I transitioned makes me wonder why more people don’t do just what I did.

Those who study aging report that the greatest lament they hear from people is what they didn’t do more of. That they didn’t concentrate on accumulating memories and good times along with their wealth and if there is one thing that I can share with you as an old ad guy, it’s what Nike says, ‘Just Do It.” You owe it to yourself. And trust me on this, you can do that here.

My friends at Coldwell-Banker in the Marina PV are experts and finding you just what you want, at lifting the concerns over the foreign real estate and making it easy, at putting you first in finding your dream at last. My three kids, all grown and on their own, (phew!) love the fact that their Daddy has not moved to the side of the road, or retired from life but set out to find it and live it to the fullest. That he has unplugged from the Vida Loca and found a better life. Sounds good? It is. Just what I want for me. Just what I hope for you.

Your fate isn’t in the stars, or the tea leaves or in a crystal ball, it’s in your hands. And if you’re thinking of “pulling an Irv,” as some of my friends call it, I applaud you. You’re gonna love it more than you know.

Come share my dream.

Saludos Irv

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