Refuge of Hope; From Canada to Bucerías

When Karen and Grant Swanson moved down to Puerto Vallarta in 2015, they had no idea what awaited them in tropical paradise. A new life, a new mission, and well, a Refuge of Hope. In short, the move did not disappoint.

Originally from Canada, Karen and Grant settled into Bucerias, Nayarit, after searching high and low for their perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. Located about 15 minutes from the Airport, Bucerías is an area that is home to an incredible beach, restaurants, and an exciting atmosphere. After years of enjoying all the perks of paradise living, like delicious taco dinners for only $5 USD, breath-taking sunsets day after day, and walks along the beach, COVID hit in 2020. While consequences were taxing across the region, it especially hit the local community of Bucerías pretty hard. Out of work, families were left with little to no resources, making the year of 2020 an incredibly difficult one for the underprivileged. In this crisis, Karen and Grant saw a need for help amongst the local community. And in this realization, Refuge of Hope was born.

Refuge of Hope does so much more than just provide hope for those who are down on their luck. Refuge of Hope helps by providing food and education for those in need. With a state of the art, fully functioning kitchen, dining room, 2 classrooms, bathrooms, and office, Karen and Grant were able to open their doors in April. Catering to the children of the community, Refuge of Hope offers education, life skills programs, food and shelter, and most importantly, love, such a basic need that is often hard to come by in under-privileged communities. Refuge of Hope is also looking to start adult programs on Saturdays, which will cater to the women of the community.

Purchasing a lot right behind their current location, Refuge of Hope is constructing a playground for the children of the community to play, and is also working on renovating the 2nd and 3rd floors of their building, in which they are looking forward to putting dormitories for the children as well as a game and TV room.

Refuge of Hope looks to offer hope to the children of the community by providing them with a safe space, resources to learn, grow, prosper, and excel. Take Gael for instance, whose story is an immediate tear-jerker. Born deaf, Gael had never been taken for any medical advice for his lack of hearing. When Karen and Grant met Gael, they sought medical attention, and raised over $50,000 USD to get Gael not only an implant to be able to hear, but also a caregiver who is with him 5 days a week, to help him learn and adapt to a life he was once tuned out of.

Karen and Grant are living proof of the possibilities that await those looking to relocate. By moving to Bucerias, Karen and Grant helped dozens of women, children, and families get back on their feet, continuing to provide them with the necessary resources to find hope again. Whether Canadian or American, this could be your story! Relocate to paradise today, where opportunities are limitless. Here at Coldwell Banker La Costa, we are here to help you find the perfect property in paradise, whether you are looking for a space to give back to the community, a home to call your own tropical oasis, or both!

The work that Refuge of Hope is doing for the community is simply unparalleled. And like any charity, donations are always necessary and appreciated. By donating, you can help Refuge of Hope continue to provide food, shelter, and education to the community of women and children in the area of Bucerías. If you are looking to get involved with or donate to Refuge of Hope, please contact Karen and Grant today. Learn more at Help the most vulnerable community of Puerto Vallarta, children and women in need.

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