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Buying Real Estate in Mexico

Buying Real Estate in Mexico can be one of the best investments of a lifetime. Whether you are looking to extend your property investment portfolio, buy a luxury home to relocate with the family, find that perfect condo with all the trimmings for your retirement or discover a tropical paradise where you can spend your winters, with Coldwell Banker La Costa Realty buying real estate in Mexico is a breeze.

Buyers Guide. Everything about buying a property.

A guide to purchasing real estate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from beginning to end. Find out all you need to know about buying and selling property in Mexico with this comprehensive guide that answers all those burning questions about buying real estate in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate 101.

For non-nationals including American and Canadian ex-patriots, purchasing and owning real estate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has never been safer or a more viable proposition than it is today – but with any real estate transaction anywhere, due diligence is important.

Financing Option for your Dream Investment.

Read all about the financing options available for your dream investment in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay as we answer your questions like: Can foreigners get a Mexican mortgage? What is the Mexican mortgage market like? What are the conditions for borrowing?

Title Insurance.

Mitch Creekmore, Vice President and Manager for Stewart International, shares his expert point of view in this informative article about the importance of title insurance and how to protect yourself when buying property in Mexico.

Living the Dream. Puerto Vallarta Lifestyle.

What better way to find out the truth about the Puerto Vallarta lifestyle than straight from the mouth of someone who has been an expat in Puerto Vallarta for more than 30 years. Brock Squire, founder of the Coldwell Banker La Costa shares his impressions about life on Banderas Bay.

Property Taxation in Mexico

Buying a property in Mexico comes with a range of ‘closing costs’ that usually add up to between 4% to 8% of the property’s sale price. When you eventually come to sell your Mexican property, the buyer will pay most of the closing costs, but there are also selling costs and taxes you the seller will be responsible for.