It’s a typical day in Puerto Vallarta, which means it is spectacular.  About 85 with brilliant sunshine and a calm sea. Standing at the surf line, I can see Hershey, my surfing Lab wants in. Today she had some company.  A school of stingrays came zooming along the surf line like underwater black kites. Hershey is fast but rarely that fast, she jumped up and out in a matter of seconds. Smart girl.

The mornings have been sparkling and the sunsets are outdoing themselves. Someone said they actually saw the green flash, but not me. I’ve been looking for years and all I see are spots. Off in the bay, the whales have arrived in force. You can see them breach and spout right from the beach. Someone reported that they had 18 sightings yesterday, maybe that’s why the rays are so close to shore.  Or maybe they had some artisan tequila and actually saw nine.

Above the bay, the misty hills are emerald, having soaked up all that late summer rain. The astounding blue of the sky, the pulsating green of the jungle and the chests and backs of the snowbird’s baking red at the pools are the colors of the day.

Lots of people come up to me when I’m out on the beach, probably the dog, but they all ask me one question. “Do you live here?” I see a certain longing and wonder in their eyes when I tell them that I do and what I really think about it all. How beautiful life is here. How healing and gentle it is. How head clearing and nerve soothing it always shows me it is.  

Perfect example. I’m trying to help my Amigo bring his daughter’s Christmas gift here to PV and since I was in Florida, I figured why not send it there and I’ll bring it back. Bad figuring. The package missed me in Florida by five days and now it needs to be shipped to CA to my #2 Son who is coming down in two weeks……blah blah blah. By the time I got off the phone, this favor had become my life’s work. You know how that works! So I did what any smart ex-pat would do, I put a little Sambuca in my espresso and went to the beach. It is amazing how quickly, the beauty of nature, the reassuring repetition of waves rolling in, always another one. Always another chance to make it all new can take you from mad to glad.

Put your toes in the sands and your cares lift off your shoulders. Put your feet in the ocean and your heart gets lighter. Walk along the surf line and your abs and gluts tighten up, your tan refreshes and your step quickens. Jumping over those little rollers make you feel like a kid again. Laughing is good. There’s a lot of it here.

This really is the magic time. The weather is fantastic. Sweater nights and mornings, swimsuits afternoons. People are returning and things are buzzing. Buzz or hive sit, it’s up to you. As cool as PV is, I can sense a certain expectation in the air, that it’s getting even better. With the peso down your dollar might buy you even more. That’s kind of the icing on the tres leches cake. Fabulous homes, resorts, and condos are being built and the roads are being repaved. New restaurants are chafing away vying to be one of PV best of and as always there are a million things to do.

I just returned from my son’s in Florida and PV has it beat by miles. The sameness is numbing. PV has enough of the old and enough of the new to satisfy all sides of you and there’s a great mix of internationals here so it doesn’t feel like your high school reunion. If you want to see how much is left for you to do and enjoy, if you want a nice big dose of VITAMIN SEA to drive that chill away I would stop reading this right now and contact Coldwell-Banker at the Marina PV right away. They have what you’re looking and they will look out for you, I can assure you of that. I can see what a lot of people are thinking when they stop and talk to me, so don’t wait too long or the best might be gone. To uncoin an old phrase, “good things happen to those who DON’T wait.’ So don’t.

Come and share my dream,

Saludos Irv

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