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Ep. 4: How to Work in Mexico with Dean Robbins

Ep. 4: How to Work in Mexico with Dean Robbins

Whether you’re retiring to paradise or just moving there, you may want to get a job in Mexico for primary or extra income. On this episode, Jesse and Chelsea are joined by Coldwell Banker La Costa Sales Manager Dean Robbins to discuss the ins and outs of legally working in Mexico. They’ll also dive into what it takes to work at Coldwell Banker La Costa and Dean’s training process for new agents.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…


  • Getting to know Dean Robbins  [1:29]
  • Dean’s favorite aspect of working at Coldwell Banker La Costa [8:47]
  • Making employment possible in Puerto Vallarta [10:37]
  • Do you have what it takes to work for Coldwell Banker La Costa [14:30]​
  • The Coldwell Banker La Costa training experience [19:23] 

And the rest is history


A big part of loving your work is having a great boss. That’s why Jesse and Chelsea are so grateful to work with Dean Robbins. Dean is the Sales Manager for Coldwell Banker La Costa, but he didn’t always work there. He used to run real estate companies in the United States and only planned to move to Cabo San Lucas for a year, however, Mother Nature had other plans. A hurricane forced them to move to Puerto Vallarta. While searching for a new veterinarian in Marina Plaza, Dean and his wife had a chance encounter with the wife of Brock Squire, owner of Coldwell Banker La Costa. The rest is history! Together, Brock and Dean have taken the company from 15 to 92 agents in 7 years while simultaneously cultivating off the chart growth in sales. 


Lending a helping hand


As a motivational author and podcaster, people often ask Dean what their purpose is. Dean believes the meaning of life is helping people, which is exactly what he loves about working at Coldwell Banker La Costa. Dean is available seven days a week so that anyone who has a question can always get the answer they need. However, it’s not just about clients. He loves helping the people he gets to work with as well! Whether it’s launching them into a successful real estate career or helping them find the right fit elsewhere, Dean is always ready to support people on their journey.


Let’s get to work


Over the last decade, the process to legally work in Puerto Vallarta has changed considerably. You used to be able to show up in any resort community and get a sponsor letter that earned you a resident card and work permit in two to three weeks. Nowadays, it’s not so simple. First, you need to return to your country of origin and make an appointment with the Mexican Consulate. There, you will fill out paperwork that requires you to prove you have the adequate financial resources to move in-country. Typically, that number works out to $25,000 in the bank or an income of $2000 per month independent of a Mexican-based job. Within 30 days the Mexican Consulate will notify you that you have been approved and you’ll have a 30-day deadline to make it back to the immigration office in Mexico to file for a resident card. Once you have your resident card you can get a sponsor letter from your potential employer and apply for a work permit. Listen to this episode for more information on working in Puerto Vallarta!


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