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Ep. 1: Let’s Get Personal!

Ep. 1: Let’s Get Personal!

Who are Jesse and Chelsea? What brought them to Puerto Vallarta? How did they start working for Coldwell Banker La Costa? In their first episode, Jesse and Chelsea answer all of those questions and give you an idea of what it’s like to relocate to paradise. They also dive into why working for Coldwell Banker La Costa has made such a big impact on their lives. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • The vacation that changed Jesse’s life [1:50]
  • Why Jesse uprooted herself and moved to Puerto Vallarta, MX Mexico [8:52]
  • Chelsea’s journey and why working for Coldwell Banker La Costa changed everything [10:53]
  • Comparing living elsewhere to life in Puerto Vallarta [22:12]
  • Final thoughts [26:23]


There’s no place like home


Have you ever visited a new place on vacation that felt just like home? That’s what it felt like for Jesse to visit Puerto Vallarta for the first time in 2018. Even when she tried to leave, there was an undeniable connection begging her to stay. And that’s not just because she met who would become her future husband on the last day of that trip! Compared to New York City, Puerto Vallarta was a warm and vibrant place filled with kind people and a rich culture. Not that New York didn’t have people and culture, but the fast pace and cold winters had lost its charm after so many years. Jesse needed sun and a more relaxed atmosphere! So when she found an opportunity to pick up and move to her newfound paradise, Jesse quit her job, sold her apartment, and moved to Puerto Vallarta. Listen to this episode to hear more about Jesse’s move to Mexico!


More than a job


For Chelsea, working at Coldwell Banker represents much more than just a job. It represents hope. Chelsea became a young mother to a beautiful baby boy in 2016, and wanted to create the best life possible for her child and herself. She was working reception at a hotel until she saw that a new Coldwell Banker office was opening in her area. She applied immediately and within six months became a Real Estate agent. Coldwell Banker is a big part of her story, as it was then that she first experienced the hope that she could actually do something with her life. It allowed her to dream big for herself and her children. For more on Chelsea’s Coldwell Banker journey, listen to this episode!


Slice of paradise


Everybody dreams of waking up and immediately hitting the beach, but who actually gets to do it? Well, Jesse and Chelsea for starters. The two consider their move to Puerto Vallarta one of the best things to ever happen to them. The ability to enjoy the outdoors year-round or take an inexpensive yoga class on the beach to destress is just a small sampling of what the PV lifestyle has to offer. However, a huge plus for both of them is the ability to raise their children in this incredible environment. After all, how many people can say they grew up in literal paradise? Listen to the entire episode to hear why you should consider making the move too!


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