Well, if you’ve read any of my “Blue-Eyed Boys,” you know how much I rave about the days in my little corner of Mexico. Sun-filled, love-filled, fun-filled, taco-filled, ocean-filled. But P.V. has another side, the dark side, when the orange sun sizzles into the Pacific and night shines as bright as the day.

In P.V. you can party on until you peter out. Sing, dance, stroll, romance, dine and do the night, right.  Whatever your tastes, they will be satisfied to the max. Start your night out on the famous Malecon as it fills up with happy people. Could be the 2X1 Margarita’s offered up and down the strip. Could be the tempting aroma of freshly made coconut shrimp coming from the many delicious eateries on the beach and along it. Or the deft hands of the crepe masters and their selections of toppings and filling. While you’re treating your taste buds right, sit and watch the living statues come to life and the Aztec warriors and dancers, in full costume perform. Gravity-defying human pyramids form and spin on the beach and of course the most interesting of all, the crowds of happy international visitors parading up and down.

In the mood for music? Puerto Vallarta is a party for your ears. Jazz and jazz clubs?  Mucho mucho. Hip Hop? Enough to make Jay Z jealous. Traditional Mariachi? Ole. Want to dance or learn how?  Plenty of places your dancing shoes will love. Show your mate or your partner you can still bust some salsa moves.

Want to go clubbing, we’ve got everything from funky Cantina’s to off-the-charts Techno-funk lounges and loud and raucous places, like Club Roxy, the Party Longue or Senor Frog’s.  P.V. may have been a sleepy fishing village once, but it’s an up till dawn, non-stop party if that’s what you’re after. A good place to start is at the head of the Malecon, near the Hotel Rosita, walk south past the bandstand where something is always going on, walk towards the pier and choose your pleasures.  Depending on your circadian rhythms, your tastes, and your appetites, P.M. in P.V. will have lots for you to do and best of all, the next day you can recover on any one of our amazing beaches.

Feeling like Blackbeard or Captain Hook?  Sign on to the Pirate Bay dinner cruise. Everyone I speak to enjoys “Rhythms of the Night.” An ocean cruise to a private cove, dinner, dancing, a show, make it quite the night. Of course, you could just sit on a bench or the beach, a bottle of Dom chilling or an icy pitcher of sangria and some snacks, and marvel at the sunsets and the other breathtaking sights that roam the beach. That’s my favorite way to end the day.

Feeling cultured?  Take the evening Art Walk through the many galleries and discover a masterpiece for that blank wall. In addition to painting and sculpture, hand-done pottery and crafts, many shops represent and sell the beaded art of the indigenous Huichol Indians, Wixaritari, in their native tongue, direct descendants of the Aztecs, who still live in the Sierra Madre of Nayarit, Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Durango. You can find beaded animals, cactus, skulls, dolls, scenic art, religious art, crosses, and their beautiful yarn painting as well. I also love the clay figures, the metal mirrors and jewelry and the skeleton figures all dressed up to party.

Get away from the city lights and watch the light show in our velvet night skies or better yet charter a boat and get away from shore to appreciate, nature, the ultimate artist at work. Most hotels have something going on. The next Frank Sinatra, or a chanteuse in a slinky gown, belting out the blues. I’ve been up and down the strip and up all night more than once and never felt any emotion other than joy.

P.V. is a fun place, a safe place, a friendly place, a great place, an exciting, soothing, relaxing, wild place with something for every taste. Straight, gay, married, single, you will never feel out of place, or out of places, in this great place.

And if you decide, and I hope you will, that my favorite place in the world is someplace you would like to own a piece of, then, by all means, visit the place that can make it all happen for you. Easily, simply stress-free. That’s Coldwell-Banker at the Marina P.V. The best listings, the best people, advice, service, and attention and when you get there, tell ‘em the Blue Eyed Boy sent you. They will bend over backwards to make you happy.

My 25-year-old is coming to visit this week and I have recruited some of my 25 and 30 something amigos to take him out and show him the good time his old man can’t keep up with anymore but I know he will have a blast with them. I can’t wait to give my 6’7’’ little boy a great big taste of the good life. I’d love to show it to you too.

Come share my dream

Saludos Irv

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