Marcel Proust, the famous French writer sniffed the enticing aroma of Madeleines and was overcome by memories of his past. Sitting in a wonderful cafe under graceful arches, in the charming town of Morelia this weekend, I experienced a similar thing. It wasn’t the food, poached eggs floating in a foam of avocado, UMMMM amazing, but the endless stream of families passing us on the Plaza, surrounded by towering cathedrals and strumming guitars. It sent my mind into reverse, my memories surging to the way it was when I grew up. Maybe you too.

Here in Mexico if you ask what Domingo is about they all say one thing. Family. It made me think that the most important things we need to remember are the things we have forgotten in our I-phoned, social media world. The power of family. There on the plaza, an endless stream of family life played out. Infants wrapped in blankets against the morning chill, yes it does get cold in some parts of Mexico, kids on bikes and skateboards, young girls, walking hand in hand, with laughter on their lips, old people doing the best they could to keep up and parents parading by. All of them had one thing in common. Each other.

I could not help but notice the level of affection I saw everywhere. Mexican mothers are not helicopter moms, there are no play dates and endless activity but what I saw was endless love going back and forth. The two children in the young family near us could not stop kissing their mother as they came to take a nibble of the tacos and pastries, ice cream and tortillas, vendors all around the plaza had for sale. And they weren’t alone. I saw it over and over. Once again, I was impressed by the behavior of the children and how polite they were. When you observe that and smile at their parents, their parents beam back at you. Kids here feel connected and it shows.

On a boat ride around the lake outside the city, I watched one couple with five daughters and how close they all seemed. At the back of the boat, a smiling father was in a hugfest with his two small children. It didn’t seem to matter who they were, or what they did, they were all sharing the same emotion. The love of family. Just an ordinary Domingo…Just the way it is in this wonderful country that has taught me a thing or two.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift to give your family this coming holiday, here’s a little thought. Why not pile them in the back of your car and set out for a family reunion or two. Long after the memories of the toys you give them have faded and their Halo download has lost its glow, the memories of family connection will stay with them.

And if you and your family are looking for something extra special to be happy about once Thanksgiving is over, I have a perfect idea. Schedule a visit to Coldwell-Banker in the Marina PV. Their superb listings, their professional and indispensable guidance and knowledge of your wants and needs, will make having a place, condo or casa in PV, as easy as pumpkin pie.

Turtle eggs are still hatching on the powder beaches of Puerto Vallarta. The sun is still shining in our brilliant blue sky. Nights have turned delightfully cool but the days are still warm as a hug. Guitars are still strumming and, believe it or not, my two new favorite ice cream flavors are now Corn and Avocado served with a wooden spoon in a husk of a cob. The local markets are buzzing and people are shaking hands and enjoying the “Vida Perfecto,” as they flock here from all over the world to live a beautiful dream. And best of all, so can you.

To all my amigos, both new and old, and to my family from this happy blue-eyed boy in Mexico, I wish you all a Feliz Thanksgiving, full of turkey and stuffing and a big giant helping of love, happiness and joy. I know what I am happy for. Being here in beautiful Mexico with all the people who make it so special, but also how easy it is to head for the airport this week and fly into the arms of my 2 beautiful grandsons, Harrison and Charlie and of course my son and daughter-in-law. And one more thing before I go. As wonderful as Domingo is here, the other six days of the week are pretty great as well. Don’t wait another second. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months as they go speeding by.

Come share my dream.

Saludos Irv

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