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Looking For a Good Hike in the Puerto Vallarta Area? Try this One!

Looking For a Good Hike in the Puerto Vallarta Area? Try this One!

Puerto Vallarta is a tropical city FULL of adventure. From ATVing and Ziplining to all watersports known to man, there is no shortage of outdoor activities. Not only do you get to explore the paradise of Puerto Vallarta, but you also give yourself an incredible workout.

Another thing that residents and visitors alike love about Puerto Vallarta is that it is where jungle meets ocean, simply offering the best of both worlds. Did you know that Puerto Vallarta has dozens of accessible hikes that allow you to explore the amazing Sierra Madre mountains, while also catching incredible views of the Banderas Bay? And, in some cases, find hidden beaches? One hike in particular that is a favorite amongst locals, is the hike from Boca de Tomatlán to Las Animas beach.

This breath-taking hike starts in Boca de Tomatlán and stretches all the way to Las Animas, a beach accessible only by foot and water taxi. The trail takes you through the front-yard of the Sierra Madre mountains, meaning you walk right where the sea meets jungle, and get to take in breath-taking views of Mexican paradise. This hike is about 60-90 minutes in duration, though of course, this all depends on how many stops are made along the way, whether it’s a dip in the crystal-clear water of Colomitos beach, or a pit-stop at Casitas Maraika for a margarita.

The journey starts in Boca de Tomatlán, a short drive down Puerto Vallarta’s highway 200. After parking your car or hopping off the bus in Boca, you must cross the river that divides Boca de Tomatlán. Sometimes it is low enough to walk through, but during the summer months, otherwise known as rainy season, when the rivers get extremely high, it is recommended to take the walking bridge.

This hike is unique, as it takes you through both the front and backyards of residences in the Boca de Tomatlán area. Hikers pass multiple Boca de Tomatlán residences, most of which are multi-million-dollar homes. These homes are at the very end of the Boca bay, private and secluded from the rest of the area, making for incredible retreats that ensure rest and relaxation. Among these homes, is Casa del Sol and Casa de la Luna, one of Coldwell Banker La Costa’s spectacular Global Luxury listings, located right on the water of Boca de Tomatlán. This property, with its main and guest houses, boasts undeniable views of the Sierra Madre mountains and bay of Boca. This property, complete with 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and 6994 square footage of space, is currently on the market, selling for $1,660,000 USD. Not only does this hike give you some insight into the amazing properties Boca de Tomatlán has to offer, like Casa del Sol and Casa de la Luna, but also shows you the hidden treasures of the Banderas Bay.

Continuing on the trail, hikers will find themselves immersed in the Sierra Madre mountains while caressed by the refreshing ocean breeze. Along this trail, hikers will encounter hidden beaches, such as Colomitos, a small beach also accessible by boat. Here, the river and sea are separated by a pocket of sand, and visitors have the option of cooling off in either fresh or salt water. A local stand offers hikers and visitors alike fresh coconuts and other refreshments, making Colomitos a fantastic and rejuvenating stop along the way.

About a 30-minute hike past Colomitos beach, hikers can enjoy Casitas Maraika, a high-end beach-club, hotel, and retreat all in one, that elicits all the vibes of tropical paradise and fun. This is a great place to stop for a delicious lunch and cocktail before continuing on to Las Animas beach. Following Casitas Maraika, the walk to Las Animas is about 15 minutes and is probably the easiest part of the hike, as most of the walk is the neighboring beach of both Casitas Maraika and Las Animas.

The Boca de Tomatlán trail allows hikers to not only get to know Puerto Vallarta in a more intimate manner, but to also experience views of the Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre mountains like never before. A hike accessible to all, this trail is recommended for anyone looking to further explore Puerto Vallarta, get a fun workout in, and of course, see all of the beautiful luxury homes Boca de Tomatlán has to offer, especially Casa del Sol and Casa de la Luna.