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Full Service Promise

Full Service Promise

In 2020, we saw something peculiar happen to the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta. Instead of disastrous numbers as we predicted due to the pandemic, we saw an increase in sales that we simply couldn’t believe.

With this increase in demand in mind, if you are looking to sell your home, now is the time. But, selling your home can be overwhelming, finding a good real estate agency can be overwhelming, and it may simply feel like you don’t know where to begin. At Coldwell Banker La Costa, we are here to take that weight off of your shoulders. When you list with us, we are with you through the process from start to finish. Selling with Coldwell Banker La Costa is a no-brainer, because we do what no other real estate agency does. In fact, no other real estate agency in the Banderas Bay can legitimately make these claims that we are about to. We offer a Full-Service Promise, where we sell your home not just by a wing and a prayer but by a calculated marketing plan that has shown results time and time again. Join us in the following weeks as we give you an in-depth look into our selling process, a behind-the-scenes, if you will. Our Full-Service Promise offers:


  • Professional, top grade photography – Our in-house photography team assures high-quality visuals and does it all – from staging to drone technology.
  • Unparalleled Social Media Presence – With a weekly reach of over 300,000 people, our social media is first in its class.
  • #1 Ranked Website in the US and Mexico – Our website draws in over 3,500 visitors weekly.
  • All of our listings are featured in Point2Homes, Lamudi, and Inmuebles24 as well as 300 other portals owned and controlled by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation – Our online presence goes beyond just our website. Your property will be featured on dozens of websites, which means millions of viewers.
  • Print Media – While it is our strong belief that over 90% of all buyers look first on-line, we also understand that there is a need to have a local print media presence. We put your property in relevant print media to cover all bases of clientele.
  • Newsletter – Your property will be featured in our monthly newsletter that is sent out to our customer database of over 11,500 accounts.
  • Open Houses – we host open houses both for prospective clients AND active brokers of the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate community.
  • Four Full-Service Offices in the Banderas Bay – Our four fully functioning offices strategically placed in the best areas of Puerto Vallarta are open and inviting environments for prospective buyers to walk into.
  • 30+ Year track record as a leader in the business – The first Coldwell Banker franchise in Mexico, Coldwell Banker La Costa has been the leader of real estate in Puerto Vallarta for over 30 years.
  • In-House Legal Assistance – Each of our offices have in-house legal assistance, answering any questions you or the prospective buyer may have from A-Z.
  • Affiliation with 90+ Coldwell Banker offices throughout Mexico and offer 3,300 offices in the US and around the world in 48 different countries – Our international and national network is unparalleled, and with this network we bring in more traffic to your property.
  • 71 (and counting) Full-Time Professional Realtors, each with their own sphere of influence – Each of our real estate professionals come equipped with their own circle of clients, any of whom may be looking for a property like yours!
  • Continual agent training programs – Our agents are the best in the bay, trained by our very own Dean Robbins.
  • Monthly Listing-Agent Updates – Your listing agent will give you a monthly update on your listing, including social media statistics on your property.
  • International Brand Recognition – Coldwell Banker is known around the world as THE real estate agency. This recognition goes a long way.
  • Professional and Recognizable Signage – Our signage is not only professional but recognizable and attractive to affluent clients who may be looking for a property like yours.

This full-service promise is something unique to Coldwell Banker La Costa, and simply no other real estate agency can offer what we offer to our sellers. Our local, national and international network is unparalleled, and we take pride in knowing that your home is getting the attention it deserves, and that more importantly, you, the seller are getting the attention you deserve. Sell your property with Coldwell Banker La Costa, where selling your home is a Full-Service Promise.