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Fine-Dining the Puerto Vallarta Way

Fine-Dining the Puerto Vallarta Way

Fine-dining is an absolute must, every once in a while! Find out what fine-dining options await you in Puerto Vallarta!

If you’ve recently relocated to or are thinking of relocating to our tropical paradise of Puerto Vallarta, it’s important to learn the ropes of the incredible gastronomic experiences that await you in the Banderas Bay. There are dozens of delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course, brunch spots to choose from. And sure, everyone loves a cozy café or a delicious street taco stand, but what about the fine-dining options in Puerto Vallarta?! Puerto Vallarta is known for catering to an elite class of diners and restaurant goers, so it’s no surprise that our fine-dining options are out of this world. Let’s take a look at the top fine-dining options (in no particular order) waiting for you and your plus one in Mexican paradise.

Tintoque – With a terrace overlooking the flowing Río Cuale, Tintoque offers guests an incredible dining experience with beautifully plated cuisine that makes your cells dance. Joel Ornelas’ exciting and unique dishes make Tintoque a truly unforgettable experience in a beautiful location. Let the greenery and decadent smells of Tintoque envelop you.

Café de Artistes Café de Artistes is a staple of Puerto Vallarta fine dining and has been in business for 30 years! Chef Thierry Blouet has curated an experience with elegant interior design and 5-star quality plates that keeps people coming back time and time again for this fine-dining experience.

Sonora Grill Prime – A classic grill house with tremendous service, 2 for 1 drinks, and a fantastic ambiance, Sonora Grill Prime is a favorite of both locals and visitors alike. With an elaborate menu that caters to both meat-lovers and non-meat lovers, Sonora is a Vallarta classic that hundreds flock to daily. Whether you’re having a romantic date night, birthday celebration, or a drink with friends before hitting the club, Sonora is the place to go!

Le Kliff – Unbeatable view, perfect for a romantic dinner overlooking the breath-taking sunset. You simply feel as though you are floating above the ocean, with nothing separating you from the view of the horizon. Delicious food and cocktails coupled with great service makes Le Kliff a fine-dining experience that has folks coming back for more. Enjoy an order of tapas or grilled salmon as you look out towards the bay.

Makal – Located in Olas Altas, or what is also referred to as the Romantic Zone, Makal takes traditional Mexican dishes to a whole new level. Plates such as cochinita pibil, a staple in Mexican cuisine, are elegantly plated and given a modern twist. And it’s not only the food at Makal that makes it a perfect fine-dining option; the cocktails and mixology are completely one of a kind. Make sure you reserve a table for your special night out – and make sure to order a Tuba cocktail – Makal’s specialty.

Restaurante Icu – A unique experience categorized by eccentric plating and intriguing cocktails. From lobster tacos and stuffed pumpkin to aguachile and seafood risotto, Restaurante Icu has something for everyone to enjoy.

Shibui – Of course we can’t forget about sushi! And Shibui is simply like no other in the area. Located in boutique hotel, Casa Ritual, in Marina Vallarta, Shibui has a minimalistic yet luxurious design and a speakeasy sort of vibe. The simplistic design limits distraction so that all senses and attention can focus on the food itself. Shibui is an absolute must for anyone looking to sip on some sake and indulge in Puerto Vallarta’s finest sushi selection. Sit at the bar or grab a seat at one of the indoor or outdoor tables. Reservation only.


Puerto Vallarta has no shortage of fine-dining options! If you’ve just relocated to Vallarta, or are visiting to scope out the area for your potential property, you have got to try one of these fine-dining restaurants and see for yourself the gastronomic experiences that await you in this tropical paradise.