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“When the student is ready the teacher arrives.” People argue whether it was the Buddha or Lao Tzu who said it, but it really doesn’t matter when the message is clear. This morning I got to class early and as I looked up into the brightening sky, I saw the teachers arriving. Soaring over the foamy white waves of the gentle Pacific in the still chilly morning air.

I’ve seen them before, many times in fact, but never like I saw them today. Nature being its own metaphor for the way life can and should be. The lesson was so simple, of course I missed it a few thousand times. But today I got it. The answer I’d been searching for


Flap.flap.flap. That’s what we do for all those years. Working our wings off striving, achieving, excelling or even just staying in the race. But, what about the rest of the equation? The glide, glide, glide. The effortless rewards that come from all that flapping hard work. The pelicans know the secret. The only way to have a bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow is to put it there yourself. To give yourself the rewards of a wonderful life that I am sure you’ve earned. Isn’t that what all that hard work was for?

Now, I’m no Polyanna. I know it’s hard to glide when you’re dragging a lot along. Obligations you think you have, connections you need to keep, the comfortable thought of existing in the familiar. That’s just more flapping. What I’m inviting you to do is glide.

One of the joys of an Ex-Pat existence, full time, part time or a few months at a time, like many of my Canadian amigos do, is getting to see life from a different perspective. A bird’s eye view so to speak. It makes you ask questions like a good teacher should do. Does, “how it is,” have to be, how it is? What if there were a better way? A sweeter way? A funner way? A more carefree way. A more active, lazy, see everything, do nothing, worry less, say please and thank you more, have the ancient and the most up to date, give up nothing to have everything, way to enjoy your life more than you ever have before?

There is, you know. I know it because I live it now every day. The people you know will go from saying. “you’re doing what?” to, “when can we come and visit.” When you live in paradise, you’ll never be lonely unless you want to.

Charlie and Harrison, my 2 grandkids love to come and visit often. Why not. I got them the biggest sandbox in the world. Miles of endless beach around Puerto Vallarta’s shimmering Banderas Bay, full of fun and adventure that makes me feel like a kid again. I double life-jacketed both of them and took them out in a panga, a small local fisherman’s boat, from Punta Mita. We went to meet some whales. No trip to the Mall can be better than that.

The look on their faces, when a big one breached just a few hundred yards from us is one of the treasures of my life. Their two little jaws opened wider than on Halloween night. But that was just the beginning of our wonderful Grandpa day. My daughter-in-law yelled at my son Michael and I when we put the older one on a jungle zip line. He was Tarzan as he sailed above the canopy. Watching them have so much fun? There’s nothing more fun in life.

While they’re giggling, they’re learning. They are already becoming bilingual, and they’re learning about life. Not the Disneyland made up life, but the real thing, filled with real people and real adventure. No invented plastic place, can take that place, and neither can your Apps or TV or smart phone. And when we’ve all had enough, the Aeroporto is just 10 miles away.

PV is a magnet for the “Buena Vida,” the good life.. You’ll see. When people realize you’ve got a place here, they know just where they want to stay. Me too, but unless they’re close family I recommend some other great places, right near by. One of the great advantages of PV is that it is a top-tier, world-class resort town, so the amenities and infrastructure are really great and everyone is treated like a guest. You can go from swanky to funky and everything in between and the choices are endless. Or you can opt for a hand-woven hammock under a swaying palm and choose to do nothing at all.

We live in a time like no other. You can leave without leaving, have great video calls via Messenger or Skype, use your credit or debit cards in all the ATM’s. If your Espanol is paquito, no big deal, you’ll have no problem getting around. Everyday I meet new people and maybe it’s the weather because everyone is so warm. My amigo, Sergio’s mom was here from Florence, Italy and she was going to cook. He picked me up at 8 last night and I’m still full. Not just from the pasta but from the friendship and love and sharing. It’s amazing how awake I am again. How welcomed and invigorated I feel again. So can you.

Four years ago, I cut the cord and fulfilled a promise I made to myself. I set out on an adventure of a lifetime. The quest? Could I go exploring and discover myself? Could I allow myself the freedom to satisfy my wants, expand my horizons, open my mind and my heart and not make my last words, “I should have!” As the sweet little security guard at a construction site up the beach calls out to me when he sees me walking the dog, “ Buena Dia, Hombre Libre,” good morning free man. After 40 years flapping up and down Madison Avenue, it feels so good to glide. How about you? Is it your time?

Just remember, even freedom means you need to exercise care. Gliders need helpers to make their landing safe and secure. You’ll find the perfect co-pilots at Coldwell-Banker Real Estate in the Marina P.V. They know the market, the twists, and turns and your needs. Every real estate transaction, especially in a foreign place, needs a trusted face. That’s exactly what you’ll find in addition to the most comprehensive and up-to-date listing of prime and luxury PV real estate, good, solid advice and total business ethics. And especially that little thing PV is known for. Care.

It’s only 9 o’clock and I’ve already had my blessing for today. Hersey brought me 2 baby turtles, gently in her mouth, and we both walked into the surf and sent them on their way. A charming man from Dublin watched her find them and we had one of the most delightful, spontaneous and moving conversations, ever. At the end, he told me that if he wins the lottery he’s going to come back and find me and share it with me. Two baby turtles, maybe a million pounds coming my way. Just another day in the magical place I have come to love so much, filled with special people and pelicans willing to share their secrets of life.

Come share my dream

Saludos, Irv