Tap in as we uncover the reasons behind the growing popularity of Bucerias; the tranquil area is one you won’t want to overlook!

Bucerias is all the rage these days – those relocating to Puerto Vallarta are flocking to Bucerias, and with good reason! In fact, the “properties in Bucerias” search page continues to be in our top 10 most visited pages on our website, week after week. Given this, and the growing interest around buying in Bucerias, its only right we take a closer look at this ever so popular neighborhood to give you folks at home insight into why more and more people are choosing Bucerias as their relocation destination. Who knows – you may be calling Bucerias home in the near future.

About 10 minutes North of Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias is known for its long sandy beach that stretches towards Nuevo Vallarta to the south and Punta Mita to the north. Recently named one of the cleanest beaches on the Mexican coast by the Secretary for the Environment and Natural Resources, Bucerias has it all; cobblestone streets and brightly colored homes in tune with vibrant Mexican culture lure people in. The lifestyle in Bucerias is truly tranquil; 30 minutes North of downtown Vallarta, Bucerias is far from the hustle and bustle but still has activity of its own. And being so close to Punta Mita, you get everything that the Northern most part of Banderas Bay can offer. Over the years, Bucerias has attracted people of all ages: families relocating for a more laid back lifestyle, retirees and folks looking for a vacation or second home. Bucerias continues to be particularly popular with Canadian snowbirds, and the Canadian community in Bucerias is thriving.

Affordable pricing is another attractive aspect of Bucerias living. With more and more condominium complexes popping up all over Bucerias, it has never been easier or a better time to invest in property. Pre-construction opportunities like Oqueano Condominiums offer incredible discounts and pricing that is too good to be true! Not to mention, pre-construction condominiums are one of the best investment opportunities – whether you are looking for a vacation home or full-time tropical oasis. Regardless of why you’re buying, you can be sure that buying pre-construction is one of the best return on investment opportunities. Bucerias is known for having properties of all kinds; from luxury beachfront villas to simple homes and condominiums, you can find very affordable options no matter what kind of property you seek. However, those who invest now very well might find themselves with a very big increase in property value as the years go on and Bucerias continues to gain popularity.

Aside from location and affordable living, Bucerias has an undeniable gastronomic scene and lifestyle. From beachfront restaurants and beachclubs like Sukha, to brunch hotspots like Paninos, and Tuscan grills like Toscana Mia, Bucerias culinary experiences do not disappoint. And what’s more – there are tons of great bars and wineries unique to the Bucerias area. For those relocating to Bucerias, the gastronomic scene is one of the many hidden gems of the area and many residents from all over the bay flock to Bucerias, whether it be for date night or a boozy brunch with friends.

If you are looking for the perfect neighborhood to call home in Puerto Vallarta, Bucerias may very well be it! You can expect to find a tranquil lifestyle categorized by unbeatable sunset views, a clean beach that spans for miles, a gastronomic scene that is out of this world, and affordable pricing no matter what property type you seek. Thousands are buying and investing in Bucerias and it’s about time you do too! Be sure to check out our featured pre-construction project in Bucerias – Oqueano Condominios; a sleek and luxurious condominium experience in the heart of Bucerias.

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