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Phil Cohen

Real Estate Professional

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We all come to a place in life when the strong realization hits that there are no promises about what the future may hold. When one is immersed in life, work, raising family and trying to squeeze in some fun along the way, decades can go by and one day we start yearning for a greater quality of life - a time to explore one’s passions, to travel to parts as yet unknown, to relax or to throw in some adventure. We need to feel alive and engaged, and always learning something new. Phillip Cohen grew up in Chicago, IL as a youngster and later moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where he finished high school in 1978. He attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona and earned his bachelors degree in personnel management and economics, with a minor in Psychology.

Life took him into the creative realm of the art gallery business, where he spent 35 years as one of the preeminent experts and dealers in Native American art from the Southwest of the United States. The galleries were located in Scottsdale, AZ, New York City, NY, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. His specialties were in Pueblo pottery, Navajo textiles, Hopi kachinas, Native jewelry and paintings. His galleries dealt in the finest examples of art both contemporary and historic.

Phil’s interest in Mexico began in Tucson in 1979, when he and his college fraternity brothers would take regular road trips to the border towns of Nogales, Tijuana, Rocky Point, and Juarez. His life in the Native art business exposed him to the wonderful cultural and artistic influences of the Native people of Mexico, including the great weavers of Saltillo, and the pottery of Mata Ortiz. He later traveled to the Yucatan to explore the classic historic sites as well as the resort areas. Later on, Puerto Vallarta came on to the radar, and it was an instant love affair.

Phil met his current wife, Jacqueline, six years ago and they soon learned of one another’s a passion for Puerto Vallarta. As a single mother of three children, she had been vacationing regularly in PV. Phil and Jacqueline soon began to imagine a life in PV, and now they have made this dream come true! Helping others to turn dreams into reality is a shared passion, and Phil is happy to place himself in the service of his clients.