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Marissa Peña is from Vallarta both by birth and heart, an innate seeker of growth experiences and with a strong altruistic sense.

Her family values, respect for nature and volunteering has led her to carry out activities from her early youth to help improve the quality of life of disadvantaged boys and girls.

After finishing her professional studies in Fashion Design and Haute Couture in Leon, Guanajuato, Marissa signed up to participate as a volunteer with Green Lion Bali for an education brigade for boys and girls in Penestanan Indonesia, where she had the opportunity to interact with volunteers from all over the world in different tasks to improve the quality of life of the under-privileged. Once this stage was over, she decided to return to her native Puerto Vallarta to join as a volunteer in the “Corazón de Niña” program, where she participated for 6 months in support of the training of children to achieve a better future in the creation of a sewing workshop so that the little ones could learn a craft that could serve them in the future.

Following her vocation of service, she joined the Front Desk team of the Hotel Marriott Puerto Vallarta, where she spent 3 years receiving customer service training and sales from a world-class hospitality company, and her passion for service led her to receive a promotion in her area and a recognition as the best customer service associate in January 2020.

Marissa enjoys all the activities that have to do with nature, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Hiking, Meditating and doing Yoga on the Beach. That is why she loves living in Puerto Vallarta and is a passionate promoter of the benefits of this region and the privilege of living and enjoying the wonderful Bay of Banderas.

Her travels around the world, knowledge and appreciation for different cultures, social and ecological responsibility, love for Mexico and Puerto Vallarta, in addition to her passion for service and attention to detail lead her to be an excellent consultant to choose the perfect place where to live.


Marissa Peña


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