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Job Gutierrez

Real Estate Professional

Phone: (322) 236 4650


Job Gutierrez has always had a love for the beauty, artistic culture, and energy of Puerto Vallarta, and though he grew up and spent most of his life in Colorado, he always knew his true calling was in PV. As such, in May 2018, he took the massive step to completely upend his established way of life and moved to Puerto Vallarta – and has never looked back on this decision.

With over twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry, his expertise has seen him tackle a wide range of different projects and challenges. However, it wasn’t until he took ownership of three lodging facilities and set out to renovate and resell them that he discovered a newfound passion for real estate. And so, he set out to pursue a new career and help other people discover their perfect new home in this stunning Mexican beach resort city! 

In his very first year of trading alone, his expertise and professionalism as a real estate agent made themselves known, and he easily sold his first two properties for a staggering sum of $1 Million USD – four times the value of many other agents! From then on he’s always looking for new opportunities to help his Puerto Vallarta real estate clients find the optimal solutions for their own buying and selling needs.

Job Gutierrez is proud to tackle this fiery and hot property market with an insatiable passion for helping his clients find the best homes, land, business premises, and retirement opportunities Mexico has to offer.

If you’ve been looking for someone who can help you make a move or investment in Mexico, look no further; Job will be by your side throughout the process to help you find the optimal solutions for your budget and dreams!


-Todd W.

"[Looking for a Real Estate agent?] Reach out to Job Gutiérrez. We are Canadian and recently purchased an investment property in PV and take possession...

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Gary Dikeos

I found Job Gutierrez through a Facebook referral and couldn’t be happier! Job has consistently made himself available at a moments notice for all our...

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Janine B.

Outstanding! Excellent and knew exactly what I wanted!! Job got me the house we wanted and was so on top of it! I couldn't be...

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Riley Kevin Parks McDonald

Job is an amazing Real Estate agent. He invests the time to learn what's important to his customers and keeps them informed at every step...

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